Are canopies the right solution for open cockpit racing?

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    @colossal-squid I’m with you on this one. While of course, safety is paramount, no one can accuse the drives of not knowing the risks of motorsport or the relevant governing bodies of making drivers aware of them.

    I think sometimes, as hard as it may be, you’ve just got to look at the physics in a situation and realise that the lump of flesh surrounded by combustible materials, steel and speed is already in a dangerous situation and let’s not pretend it’s anything less than that.

    Basically, what i’m saying is that 90% of the safety concerns are thrown out of the window the moment you start driving a car round a track at +200mph.


    Scribe is thinking of possibly having a canopy and maybe a reduced helmet.

    “different, or reduced helments under a fighterjet style canopy”

    That might have been a joke, but I’m taking the opposite view, that is, have better helmets, possibly similar to a (motor) bike style, and no canopy.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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