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    Jared H

    Maybe this belongs in Going to a Grand Prix.

    Anyone know how to attend the test sessions on Barcelona? Tickets? Restrictions? I searched online and a few companies sell the RBR hospitality package for testing but they’re sold out and not what I want. I just want to sit in the grand stands and see/greet the drivers in between the garages and their motor homes.


    We went to Spain testing this year after the race and were guest of RBR for a cost of 500 pound per day. We contacted Force India and that was around the same but as Daniel fans we went with Red Bull of course. That gives you access to the Paddock, team motor home and limited access to the pit garage where you can be in the viewing area or you can go into pit lane and get some great photos. When you are not in the garage you can actually just walk through and empty pit garage and into pit lane, security don’t seem to mind at all. We saw two guys walk across pit lane to the pit straight but security did move them on.

    If you just get a grandstand ticket they were very cheap, 10 or 20 Euro I think but think but this doesn’t get you paddock access so you wont see the drivers from the garage to the motor home. Security is pretty lax so you may be able to sneak in anyway (try turn 10 and heading to the back on the paddock, no security and you will get in, but you didn’t hear that from me :)

    If in the paddock the drivers all do a 5 minute chat to the media, either at the lunch break or after the day is done, they are pretty relaxed and all were happy for a chat, photo or autograph. Some teams, like Red Bull do a signing session for their guests but then will sign for everyone else after. If you don’t have Paddock access the drivers will leave the paddock entry/exit about 200 meters past the start line. Not sure what time, we were gone by then.

    There are very few people in the grandstands and you can get some great photos. We could get lunch and a drink in the RBR racing motorhome but I don’t think there were any facilities outside the paddock area so if you just get a grandstand ticket pack lunch and a drink.

    Access to the circuit isn’t great. We were told you can get a bus there but no-one seemed to be able to give us more info than that. We caught a taxi each day and it was expensive. We were staying at the W Hotel and that was 55-60 Euro each way so if you can get more info on bus access go that way.

    Overall it was a great experience, quite relaxed and good F1 access. Enjoy!

    Jared H

    Thanks Evil Homer.

    Found this website with more info.

    Anyone else going?

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