Attitude is everything, or why I don’t like Kimi Raikkonen

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    @prisoner-monkeys on what basis do you come to the conclusion that rennie left lotus because of raikkonen?


    I get what you’re saying.

    Someone else said it earlier in the thread: it’s the fact that he handles himself differently from the other drivers that makes him entertaing. I don’t condone everything he does, but in modern F1, where most driver comments are robotic and similar, Kimi’s way of handling things is much more fun in comparison.

    Ultimately, entertainment is different to everyone, and that will also impact one’s perception of Kimi.

    I don’t agree, however, that F1 would be better off without him. He is one of the best drivers in the world and will have a place in F1 until he’s no longer competitive (due to age, motivation, etc.)


    I find this topic funny because I always saw you ( @Prisoner-monkeys) as the Kimi of the forums: Always making snide comments, having some unpopular opinions and not caring about what people thought of him. That, to me, is Kimi in a nutshell. So attitude wise you guys are pretty similar.

    I was very disappointed to hear that PM gave the race a 1/10 because Kimi won. It specifically says in the article:
    Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.

    Since PMs been around forever, I never thought that he would be the one to go against that. I guess its ok to say in the comments you were unhappy with the result, but to vote it poorly because a driver you didn’t like won is pretty ridiculous.

    Now on to the issue you have with Raikkonen. I don’t think the personality he shows to the world is his true personality. When he started, he was very eager to do well, and even at McLaren he was pretty normal. His attitude was almost the same as everyone else’s. Perhaps it was his poor luck at McLaren, or maybe his time at Ferrari, but something caused him to become bored with the sport. At that point, he took on a whole new persona, one that he seemed to exaggerate and play with to his advantage. Surely when he joined Lotus, they saw that his character was exploitable, and they jumped on the opportunity to make the ”Iceman” persona as profitable as possible. In my opinion, its all good fun, and finally Kimi seems to be enjoying it as well.

    But still, even though his off track personality may be controversial, his on track behavior is very good. He doesn’t cheat, doesn’t crash into people, doesn’t cause any major problems, and most importantly, hes super fast. Given a good car, he is one of the fastest drivers in the world, definitely up in the top 5. And just because of that, he 100% belongs in F1. To say that this sport would be better off without him is nonsense. He is exciting to watch on track, and gives the established teams a run for their money. What more can you want out of a driver?


    What I find funny is how criticizing Alonso, Vettel or Hamilton is considered to be perfectly normal; yet when someone judges Raikkonen it immediately becomes an immortal deed. It’s like Senna and Schumacher; bashing Schumi is casual, but when someone does the same for Senna, it’s a crime.

    That is a ridiculous double standard IMO.

    Prisoner Monkeys


    What I find funny is how criticizing Alonso, Vettel or Hamilton is considered to be perfectly normal; yet when someone judges Raikkonen it immediately becomes an immortal deed.

    I have noticed the same contradiction myself. I got banned from the Autosport forums for it. Nobody dares criticise Raikkonen over there, because as soon as someone does so, Raikkonen’s fans descend on the person in question, and get very critical; even abusive. Some of them are so extreme that they will attack even if you like Raikkonen, but not as much as they do. I refused to budge and got banned because I was “simply too disruptive”. One of the moderators contacted me by e-mail and explained why it happened and why he was unhappy with it. The moderators have virtually no power over there because certain groups of fans have too much influence. It’s easier for them to ban people for having an opinion than it is to ban people for attacking others, primarily because they only have to ban one member instead of one hundred. They’ve since tried to turn things around, but the damage has been done.


    This somewhat happened to me. A few months back, one Autosport forum member claimed that Raikkonen scared Schumacher into retirement, and that Michael was afraid of Kimi’s speed. I had a good laugh at that one, but my response was something along the lines of this:

    Why would Michael be scared of Kimi? I’d say that it must be the other way around!

    Back in 2005-06 Raikkonen was labelled by many people to be the fastest man in F1. I didn’t buy it then, and looking back at it now, I find it laughable more than anything else.

    When Schumacher and Massa were teammates in 2006, Schumi dominated Felipe in every way. The only time Massa beat Schumacher on speed alone was on his favorite track in Istanbul, Turkey. For the rest of the season, Schumi was almost always quicker. Massa would only beat him on either strategy (Malaysia) or because Michael had bad luck (Hungary, Brazil)

    Now, compare that to Raikkonen one year later at Ferrari. Massa quite clearly outperformed him in Bahrain, Spain, Monaco, Canada, USA, Turkey, and Italy. That’s 7 out of 17 rounds.

    How come Massa was totally decimated by Schumacher in ’06, yet so close to Raikkonen only a season later? There’s no way a driver can change that much in only one year.

    This has me questioning whether Kimi “the fastest driver in the world” Raikkonen is truly a match for Schumacher or not? It’s Kimi who needs to prove himself to be as quick as Michael, not the other way.

    IMO if Schumacher extended his contract for another two years, and drove for Ferrari in 2007-08, he would’ve won both championships relatively easily.

    I did not say a single offensive thing, I only stated my opinion and backed it up with rational thinking.

    Frankly, you’d think that a normal post would receive a normal response, but that wasn’t the case. Only a few hours after posting this, when I went back to this very thread, I was attacked by an army of Raikkonen fans. I hadn’t been asking for this but merely corrected another persons fantasies. Eventually, the entire heated argument was deleted by the mods, including both my comment and the source post.

    What I find funny is how criticizing Alonso, Vettel or Hamilton is considered to be perfectly normal; yet when someone judges Raikkonen it immediately becomes an immortal deed.

    The fact that this thread has received more backlash in less than a day, than Mag-Geoff’s article criticizing Alonso has in over a year, shows just how true my comment is.

    Dare you never say anything bad about Kimi!


    @prisoner-monkeys @kingshark
    In my opinion, this topic alone would be fine. Annoying, (as there are few arguments in the OP that aren’t based on rumours or false statements), but fine.

    The point is that Prisoner Monkeys has been ranting about Räikkönen for eighteen months and he has said every single negative thing you can say about Räikkönen thousands of times – Kimi’s attitude is bad, Kimi has bad manners, PM has heard that Kimi’s engineer left because of Kimi’s attitude, Kimi hit a child and just kept walking, Kimi’s lazy, a race is worth 1/10 if Kimi wins it – at one point PM even used to post theories that Kimi has Asperger’s syndrome.

    I dare to guess that PM has posted hundreds of negative comments and posts about Räikkönen on this forum and most of them are just repeating the same rant all over again. To say that he’s “[taking] the opportunity to try and approach the issue in a rational and dispassionate manner” and then repeat the same rants and rumours again is asking for trouble. To be honest, reading how PM himself describes his doings on this forum makes me doubt his story about Autosport forum also (even though I’ve never read it, so I don’t know what the actual situation is).

    PM has lots of interesting posts and comments on F1Fanatic, especially about other motorsport series and money in F1. It’s a shame he loses control whenever Räikkönen is mentioned.


    Interesting thread to follow really. In part because its turned from “why do I like/don’t like driver X” towards what we think of Poster of the comment “Z”. What I do think would be good @prisoner-monkeys, if you actually gave the “facts” – with supporting evidence / information apart from your opinion of the driver. Because that way we can separate yes/no from my opinion / your opinion discussions. The first is not worth discussing (facts are not views or impressions) – at least not for me, while the second is a perfectly valid discussion.

    I do think it would be more interesting to have one as @girts proposes to discuss drivers and why to like / dislike them because it would make it a far more interesting topic and not as much in danger of getting personal


    Deleted more comments and closed the thread which had degenerated into silly bickering about what may or may have happened on other fourms.


    Wow, I don’t know how this post came up as I was looking up some stuff about Kimi for 2021, and I assume no one will see this years late, but since it did pop up and I was a huge Kimi fan I guess let me retort with this:

    I agree about his attitude. It’s awful. I always hated how he never seemed 100% committed. I remember all the jokes, he likes bars more than gyms, and how he hated testing, loved napping, (as famously noted once up to 20 minutes before a race), I always thought he could be greater than he was. I once heard some long time people on McLaren felt he was the fastest driver they saw. So it pained me he never was able to achieve his greatness. And yes, his overall attitude is pretty terrible, besides what you mentioned his general “yup” “ok” “uhhurgh” commentary is awful, its just not fun and I’ll even agree its not a great image for F1.

    Here’s the thing….why do we watch? I fully grant all that, but I have always been a huge Kimi fan. Why? Well, I watch him for whats on the track. His attitude sucks but is that why he’s paid and why we watch? No. Frankly, I’ve always hated Hamilton’s attitude. I also felt he came off like a spoiled brat and in 2020….it’s even worse. There’s not a race he isn’t moaning and griping and yes they all do it, but he really does seem to think every little thing that’s off is grounds for him ranting. I mean the Italian GP this year, never seen a driver during a red flag storm to the Stewards to complain despite the clear fact his team screwed up, they said come to pit and it was closed. That’s that, suck it up and take it. BUT Lewis is clearly the driver of our time and all time great. I don’t respect him or watch him for the attitude, its the racing.

    You seem to mention nothing about skill, just attitude and as you say “attitude is everything” but….is it? We don’t watch sports for that. Least I don’t and most I know don’t, and every sport has people we don’t like/have terrible personality and attitude but we respect their skill. So really its not that I disagree at all with you about Kimi’s attitude, I just don’t see why you care that much? Like hell even say I dont like/cant respect him but ya know acknowledge the skill?

    Richard Cantelo.

    Picking a couple of minor incidences out of a lengthy career and then forming a negative opinion of someone is,frankly, ludicrous. Everyone that has ever lived has done things that are seemingly unwise, or done or said things emotionally without thinking; or actions can easily be mis-interpretted. We are human.

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