BBC F1 coverage in 2013

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    The BBC have revealed details of their plans for the season ahead.

    Some things we already knew about: Suzi Perry will take over from Jake Humphrey as presenter, and only nine races will be shown live as they picked to cover the “TBC” round which never materialised.

    As rumoured, they’ve confirmed that practice sessions will be shown live on BBC2 for the races they’re covering live.

    Additions to their team include ex-F1 driver Allan McNish, who will make six appearances on Radio 5 Live, and Tom Clarkson, who will work throughout the season as a pit lane reporter on their TV coverage. The rest of the line-up is unchanged.

    Lucas Wilson

    If you had to make a dream F1 coverage team who would be in it?


    So they don’t get to re-choose a race? That’s a bit stupid, although I’m sure sky are happy about it.

    They’re hiring an extra pitlane reporter, to do a job Lee McKenzie is already doing, for coverage which is mostly highlights packages anyway? Rather than use Lee’s decades of inside contacts and paddock relationships in an expanded role, they’re going to use her less?

    Do they really need 3 people to ask drivers after the race “tell us how it was for you”? It’s not like they’re hunting out pitlane information during the races (or if they are, they don’t seem to use it during broadcasts).

    The BBC’s decision making continues to confuse and perplex.


    I like the interview style of both Lee McKenzie and Tom Clarkson (who was good in Canada last year when Lee presented). They challenge the drivers and make them think – unlike some of the brainless non-questions that Georgie woman on Sky used to spout (in a nutshell, “please regurgitate your last press release again”). Hope she’s found a job where she feels her talents are appreciated, maybe she should team up with Alguersuari (who seems to have disappeared from BBC radio, and that’s a shame.)

    Dismayed but not at all surprised about the 20th race. Sky now have more than half the races, now watch that number creep upwards, as it did with cricket and the Champions League.

    Dream coverage? I’d love to hear John Hindhaugh and Jim Roller from Radio Le Mans call a Grand Prix.


    Radio Le Mans is incredibly Audi-biased, although aside from that I do enjoy the coverage they do for the WEC events nowadays.


    I have no complaints about the highlights today. Solid job by Perry and the commentary was good aswell. I also love BBC’s new intro aswell. It really gets the heartbeat going before the race..


    I watched the race live on Sky and then I watched the highlights on the BBC this afternoon for a refresh (I was still half asleep when I was watching the race!). Suzi Perry did a good job but I’ll wait until she does a live race before forming an opinion on her, still she was a lot better than Simon ‘looking at the wrong camera or to the side’ Lazenby.


    BBC’s F1 2013 intro is one of the best for any program I have ever seen.


    The new intro is great. I’ll keep watching the races they have live on the BBC and fall back to Sky for the others. I just prefer the feel of the BBC coverage.


    I thought Suzi struggled a little bit. Didn’t seem very confident and stumbled on her words, considering it wasn’t even live that surprised me, although from what I’ve seen of her previously I’m sure shell get into it.

    I thought a better job of editing down the race was done this year compared to last year, I had no trouble following it and didn’t feel like I’d missed chunks of it at the end.

    Where was Eddie?


    Isn’t Eddie only ever present for the BBC’s live races, or is my memory completely shot to pieces?


    Not strictly BBC F1 coverage of 2013 but it is BBC F1 coverage in 2013.

    BBC4 started a new series on Monday called Motor Racing at the BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rhvc7
    Episode 1 (about Moss, Hawthorn & Fangio)is not available on iplayer but it is being repeated on BBC4 on Sunday evening at 21:00 with episode 2 on Monday at 20:30


    Coulthard was pretty poor today. He kept saying that Hamilton was the first Mercedes pole sitter since Moss, which is false. The worst thing was that he repeated it on the podium. I assume he meant first British driver, which is barely significant anyway considering the team has only had two other drivers in the intervening 58 years.

    Also on the podium he made a comment about Alonso and his girlfriend having a private celebration. Not sure if he intended it as it sounded, and it did make me laugh, but it was pretty inappropriate.

    Joe Papp

    Watching the BBC red button forum coverage right now, and am having a difficult time tolerating Suzi Perry. I want to like her but she just seems so out of her depth from a technical perspective and understanding of the sport, but also fails to manifest the same charm and poise and ability to be a master-of-ceremonies that Jake possessed, even though he was no F1 expert either. I also find her accent to be very annoying, but I’m not British. Others may disagree and find her quite enjoyable I guess…

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