BBC or Sky when both are live?

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    Andy Redden

    After watching both SKY coverage live and BBC highlights package it left me in a quandary. In my opinion SKY’s commentary team of Brundle and Croft gelled well and better than Edwards and DC.

    But the mix of Jake, Eddie and DC felt more real, fun and have better chemistry together than Lazenby, Hill and MB. Also the Beeb and in my opinion had better analysis, particularly of the last lap melee in the midfield.

    Therefore for China I’m trying BBC pre and post race coverage, but Sky’s commentary team during the race.

    Andy Redden

    Just wanted to know what other F1 Fanatics are planning on doing, and creating a centralised discussion based on which coverage to watch live.


    I don’t have sky and cant afford it but the Beeb’s coverage of the highlights was quality, 10 minutes pre race, barely anything was missed out of the race it felt like an ITV re run which was good when I was little and couldn’t wake up to watch the races. They only noticable cut was the SC which i understand and the post race was really good and they had JB and Paul Di resta on explained parts of the race really well particularly the last lap frenzy, the commentary was very good and they will get better with time, the live races on the beeb should still be very good, cant wait till china, when tyey go head to head.


    When BBC are live, I’m definitely going to be watching. BBC’s post-race analysis was 10 times better than Sky’s, and that didn’t even include the Forum. I didn’t listen to much of the BBC’s commentary (because I’d already seen it race live on Sky), and whilst I really like Brundle, I can’t stand Croft. As far as I’m concerned the BBC is better than Sky in pretty much every aspect- the only reason I watch Sky is because it’s live.

    Andy Redden

    Agree strongly on the analysis stuff, the main reason really why I chose the decision of watching Pre and Post race BBC coverage.


    I watched the first race on Sky and I’ll be watching half the races on the BBC live. I’ll just watch the race itself on Sky and switch over to the Forum after the race if it’s on.


    I’ll watch it on Sky as they have the better commentary team. I think Sky will get right what they did wrong in Australia in the future.


    For me the Beeb coverage was the better show. I felt that Lazenby was stilted and reding from a script most of the time, Damon has never been very good in front of the camera. And like others not that big a fan of Crofty, althought I will admit I used the Radio5 coverage when Legard did the commentary.

    I watched the Sky coverage at a friends and it has not convinced me that getting Sky sports on Virgin would be money well spent. Looks like I might be doing the 25 mile trip to son’s place where he has got the RTL freeview working with Radio5 commentary, when it’s not on the BBC.


    BBC to begin with at least, just to get a feel for how the new set-up is working live.



    Therefore for China I’m trying BBC pre and post race coverage, but Sky’s commentary team during the race.

    As would I, if I had that option.


    I will wait and see if Sky do well at Malaysia this week! If not I will watch as much pre/post race on the BBC and watch Sky Race coverage, but I will also watch the extra 30 minutes Sky offers before a race, in the build up!


    Whilst I prefer the Sky commentary team, as I am using only SkyGo, I will watch the BBC’s live races so I can watch in HD!


    I’m using Skygo as well and will be watching that. Martin Brundle or bust!

    The BBC team took years to get it together as well. Shrug. It’ll get better as they go along.


    I’ll definitely be watching on the BBC when they have their live races. I want to give them a chance, and besides, I will be able to use the iPlayer rather than having to find a stream :)


    BBC for me, for the same reason as @markthornton90 primarily. I thought the BBC commentary team were very good at the weekend, and the pre and post race stuff was better than Sky, so for the live shows there should be no contest with the red button forum etc. Brundle and Kravitz are a loss, but the pros still outweigh the cons and the BBC offer a better product IMO.

    Speaking of which – anyone know why there wasn’t a red button forum at the weekend? Jake Humphrey said at the Autosport show that they would film a Forum for every race, regardless of whether or not it was broadcast live.

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