BBC or Sky when both are live?

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    I will probably watch the race itself on Sky, thought Brudle and Crofty worked well together…not convinced with the new guy on the beeb.

    that said like most others here i will be watching the BBC Pre and Post race…much more natural and no more cutaways to the inane “Sky Lab” Jake and Co are by far the better presenting team.


    As echoed by many people here, BBC pre and post race, But sky for Martin Brundle


    BBC when they have it live – partly because I’ll get it in HD, unlike SD on SkyGo. And I preferred the BBC’s commentary team, they actually had some tactical analysis during the race. BBC is much better post race too, even with the short time they had in the highlights show. When they have a live race then Sky won’t be able to touch the BBC’s coverage.


    We have to think about this from a less-personal point of view, for F1 to ever return to the BBC, we need to have as many people watching that as opposed to SKY. Granted as a whole we’ll make very little difference, if any… But if everyone thought this way?
    Therefore I’m going to watch all live races on the BBC, unless the BBC are doing highlights in which case SKY is a necessary evil.

    Or am I just in dream land?


    I’m going to be watching Sky for all the races, because what’s the point in paying for it and not watching all races with it?


    Not seen the BBC coverage yet, so probably going to try that. Also, as Simon says, I’ve only got SkyGo, and got the BBC HD channels!


    I don’t really tend to watch the pre/post race shows, only the specific technical features. So that holds no sway for me. Personally, I prefer Brundle/Croft as commentators, so it’s Sky for me.


    Will watch it on the BBC where possible this year, despite the departures I still prefer the overall feel of it. Also feels like they have a better relationship with the teams and drivers? Could just be me that thinks that though.


    You pay for the Beeb anyway, through a licence fee.

    BBC for me, Sky have been WOEFUL on post race analysis this year. Only good points are there commentary, which is as good as the BBC, and Ant with his SkyPad. George Thompson is useless and why do we need to know why John Button is outside smoking? Thank god I’m not paying for Sky.

    King Six

    If someone is paying for Sky I don’t see why they wouldn’t use it, then again it’s the first time to see how BBC does its live coverage for this season. I don’t know, Crofty thinks he’s still on the radio and doesn’t shut up, but Edwards also is sometimes too shouty.

    Then again there are no adverts at all on the BBC. Also you can watch the race in iPlayer if you missed it, whereas unless you recorded it on a Sky Box you have to catch a replay on SkyGo, what Sky needs is a proper catchup service like iPlayer. They have ‘SkyAnytime’ but they refuse to put Formula One programming on it.

    Does anyone know if BBC will be showing practice live on red button?


    I’ll be watching practice on qualifying on BBC because otherwise I’d have to use SkyGo which isn’t 100% reliable, but the for the race I’ll be round at my girlfriends who has Sky and I honesty don’t know which I’ll watch. Will probably be some combination of the two.




    Neither; I’m working in France this weekend so I’ll miss all the action. I do plan on catching a repeat when I get back though, but until then I’m on an Internet blackout from F1 sites and Twitter.


    I like SKY’s coverage as it more technical than the BBC’s so i will watch SKY’s.
    but i can see why people would prefer the BBC approach.

    I am very interested to see how the viewing figures compare , Both BBC vs SKY and 2012 V 2011.


    While no combination will outdo Murray Walker and James Hunt in my view, any coverage with Ben Edwards involved has to be given a chance. Add that to the pre- and post-race coverage which Sky have yet to match (even with the SkyBox aside, it still doesn’t quite work) and I’m certainly willing to watch the BBC this weekend.

    Having said that, I think the best thing about Sky’s coverage is their willingness to listen and change. You could see some evidence of that between Australia and Malaysia. It wasn’t anything specific, but things just worked better together. Whether they’ll ever be as good as the BBC remains to be seen, but they can and will improve. I certainly can’t complain about the Croft/Brundle commentary team. Yes, it’s a heavyweight combination, but it works as well as Edwards/Coulthard in my view.

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