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    Also, i didnt quite hear Sky talk about how and when did Niko Hulkenberg go out.. not sure whether i caught any replays during the live action. Surprising that they missed it.. very surprising that there was no real mention i thought..

    Also, i feel the kinda things Sky is doin is just an ape of what BBC has been doing and improving.. original is always original u c :)


    I saw the full BBC1 commentary as featured on Setanta – Ben Edwards is every bit as good as I thought he would be, but DC isn’t on Brundle’s level yet. I know Gary Anderson from his days here in the SE Asia coverage, and he is mighty good at analysis too.

    But what I REALLY want to know is – did they do a montage at the end? And what song did they use? :)

    King Six

    Croft still thinks he’s on the radio, he talks way too much. Didn’t like the Croft/Brundle team. Edwards/Coulthard seemed much better, with Coulthard getting in more words although Edwards was quite shouty at times.

    Highlights of the race was practically the entire race, same for Qualifying, and you can catch the programmers on iPlayer. See no real need to subscribe to Sky F1 to be honest…


    Thought I would miss Brundle’s commentary, but thought Edwards did the Job just as good. However really missed Ted in the pitlane, Anderson gives no real insight into whats happening like Ted could. On the whole the current BBC package is still much better than ITV in the past.


    Why was there no F1 forum? Very dissapointed about that..:[


    I think the forum is straight after the live race still… Maybe…?


    Always a fan of the BBC F1 coverage, still a fan in 2012.
    I just miss the more extended pit walk, but I will judge that fact when they’re doing a live coverage. And a little bit the insights of Ted Kravitz, but maybe they will use Lee more in live coverages for that role.

    Anyone knows the song/music in the end credits of todays extended race highlights coverage of the Australian Grand Prix? It’s sounds very familiar (from movie I guess), but I forgot the name.

    Alianora La Canta

    The Forum isn’t on iPlayer, so I suspect it won’t have been on after the live race either.


    I’m hoping Edwards and Anderson settle into their roles as the season progresses. Edwards jarred with Coulthard a few times, and sometimes seemed like he was readings stats off a piece of paper rather than watching the race.
    Anderson was a bit wishy-washy, and I found him a little difficult to understand, but he did at least have a couple of interesting things to say. To me he sounded like a team-member, very analytical on certain things but not really following the wider picture like Ted does.

    Overall I thought it was fine, maybe a little worse than last year but a million times better than Legard.


    Overall the BBC’s coverage of the race was better then I expected or feared it to be.

    I liked the brief intro before they got into the race and no time wasted wandering around on the grid. The race itself was well edited, I barely noticed the bits that were cut, though there wasn’t much cut apart from the safety car period which will always be cut out in a highlights show. I think Ben Edwards and Gary Anderson will improve and relax into their roles in time and I definitely prefer Anderson’s input to Ted Kravits’.

    Finally I liked the in depth analysis at the end and they seemed to cover as much as they would after a race they had live.

    In the end I was impressed with the quality of the highlights and I think they got it about right though I would still obviously rather watch all the races live on the BBC.


    I was amazed to see so much of the race was shown on the BBC, I didn’t expect ‘extended highlights’ to show about 3/4 of the race! I must say the pre and post is great on the BBC, I know realise what a let down Sky is at the moment! Its a shame considering the amaount that Sky has avaliable in comparison to BBC!


    @wigster yeah, the main problem for me was avoiding the news/various internet sites so I didn’t hear the result before I saw the race


    Very impressed with the highlights show. Long enough to feel like a live race, and action packed throughout. Great commentary – Ben Edwards is quite excitable on the first lap, but in a good way (not forced) and I didn’t really miss Martin Brundle, so they must have been good. The scene-setting before the race was spot-on, brief but atmospheric, with bonus points for asking the Ferrari boss “12th and 16th?! That’s not good enough, is it?”

    They dealt with the safety car very well I thought – Gary Anderson explained why Vettel had got ahead of Hamilton, then they moved on. And they did a bit of extra coverage where necessary, such as the great last-lap midfield shamozzle, with some enlightening input from Paul di Resta and other drivers after the race.

    The only downside was avoiding the result until 2pm. Some fool elsewhere in the BBC thought it was a good idea to put news headlines in the middle of a music show on the radio, and name the race winner…they should join Maldonado and Massa on the naughty step for that one.


    I was happy with the coverage from BBC today, I really didnt expect to see so much of the race and was pleasantly surpirsied.


    Good highlights of the race..surprisingly only about 15 minutes were taken out..good stuff! Also there was plenty of analysis after the race which was great..

    Ben Edwards was much better I feel..really made it exciting in my opinion..him and DC worked well together but I was very dissapointed with the fact that there was no F1 forum after the race..look at this video and start watching at 5.50 http://youtu.be/Vfnht28iuvE?t=5m50s
    He just said there will be an F1 forum after every race whether live or not..not impressed :[

    Jake said on twitter- ”Also, despite a busy afternoon of sport we had 1.6m watching qualifying on BBC Two, matching 2011’s live qualifying ratings. Thanks guys x”

    Hhhmmm..not really sure what to make of this..1.6 million watched the quali last year at 6 in the morning and its the same this year for the highlights but at 2 o clock..not great if you ask me..Will be interesting to see Sky’s viewing figures..hopefully its really low

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