BBC F1 coverage in 2012


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    @James I don’t know about his Australian duties.. I did find something about how Peter Windosr (certainly used to) present in Australia (although this is straight from Wikipedia, so gotta be careful)

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Allen doesn’t really do that much for Australian television. He contributed a lot at the start of the year, but they’ve steadily phased him out a little. Where he was presenting segments that were actually really good as an introduction to the sport, he’s not been relegated to a a five-minute interview with Mark Webber, a five-minute interview with Daniel Ricciardo (which, if the network is running overtime, is one of the first things they drop), and a five-minute phone in where he repeats the headlines of news articles (ie Hamilton’s contract situation) shortly before the race.


    Amusing exchange between Eddie Jordan and Jake Humphrey at the end of Sunday’s forum:


    I was a little bit disappointed to have missed the BBC after-race show. All of it is now shown on the red button, which I don’t have access to in the Netherlands.

    Also, I thought they showed a very poor version of Hamilton’s qualifying lap, from a camera seemingly somewhere above the sidepod, so 50% of the screen was car, and you couldn’t really see what he was doing, let alone enjoy the quality of the lap. All cars have the camera position right above the driver’s head, right?


    I thought the same, but that might be because they weren’t provided with the overhead for some reason. I do like the angle they used, but not for a quali lap.


    thanks, @sigman1998, I’ll watch it at my leisure.


    BBC say their peak audience for the Japanese GP highlights on BBC1 and BBC HD was down compared to the 2011 live programme: 2.7m versus 3.1m.

    However they say the average viewers for the same programme was higher than for the live race last year: 2.4m versus 2.1m.

    Qualifying highlights were seen by a peak of 1.8m.


    Here’s the numbers for BBC’s live Abu Dhabi Grand Prix broadcast:

    The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on BBC One and HD Sunday 4th November, 12.10pm drew a 15 minute peak of 4.8m viewers.

    The average audience of 3.9m for the live race is the highest for the season to date.

    In 2011 a peak audience of 5.4m watched the race live on the BBC.

    A peak of 2.4m tuned in to watch qualifying on BBC One and HD on Saturday 3rd November from 12.10pm.


    An interesting look ahead from a BBC document I was sent a link to on Twitter

    Saturday 28 July 2014 is going to be a busy day for sports fans, with 3 potential World Cup games (1 involving England), a full day at Wimbledon, qualifying rounds for the British Grand Prix, Test Match cricket (England v West Indies) and pre-Commonwealth Games athletics in Crystal Palace. On this day it’s likely that BBC Sport will offer live video, radio commentary, live text and data, a huge amount of editorial content and comments from the audience. Away from our site, the audience will be hugely active on social media, sharing the excitement and jeopardy of live sports through comments, photos, videos and links.



    Earlier this week I found time to watch the BBC highlights of the race – usually I find that very satisfying, but this time, while I loved to see the race again, I was underwhelmed somehow. Qualifying wasn’t exciting at all (even though it was in actual fact so when viewing live on Sky), and I missed bits of the race that I thought were better than what was there. Did anyone else feel like that too?

    Did upgrade my opinion of how good Button and Raikkonen raced.

    Naomi Gluckstein

    Time for a rant… Watching Qualifying on BBC and they’re up to their usual tricks, might as well call it the Lewis Hamilton appreciation society show! Jake Humphries is his usual loud-mouthed insulting self and when will they realise that there is more than one British driver? Button hardly gets a look in and they continue to be dismissive of Vettel – serves them right if he wins his third championship. i wish they would realise that there are other drivers supported by the fans, not necessarily only the Briitish ones and I’m fed up with Eddie Jordan’s dismissive comments of Schumacher. Still sour grapes dating back to 91! And as for getting the poison dwarf to make rude comments about it being MS’s last race, not on folks. Never been a fan of David Coulthard but he’s certainly value for money, balanced and reasonably fair and knows his stuff and seems a much nicer person than when he was racing.


    Bye bye Jake. Don’t come back.
    Seems fitting to end with a put-down that he has no chance of responding to, as that seemed to be his favourite unpleasant way of ending an interview. Most people seem to be able to start families without needing to tell the world about it, and I hope the thick footballers and tiny audiences understand his jokes.


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seemed to me Vettel did a lengthy one-to-one with the BBC in the post-race show but Sky barely heard from him at all, besides a couple of perfunctory answers in the media pen. I’ve not scrutinised the coverage but interested to know if that’s what everyone else saw.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Sky barely heard from him at all, besides a couple of perfunctory answers in the media pen.

    Maybe that’s why I don’t like Vettel – this is the kind of stuff we in Australia only ever get. I’ve never heard anything particularly insightful or interesting from him, something that makes me sit up and go “wow, that’s awesome”. Like, for example, the 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix when Jenson Button was on the radio on the first lap describing the tyres that the six cars in front of him were using and working that into his strategy, all whilst jostling for position. I can’t recall any instances of Vettel doing anything remotely impressive like that.

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