BBC’s Top 20 F1 drivers ever (list)


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    @f1rollout – It’s not fastest laps that they’re aiming for. Senna got only 19 in his whole career. Of the drivers that should be ahead of Vettel, it should be guys like Graham Hill, Fittipaldi, Ascari, Piquet or Jack Brabham. Kimi was good, he might have won more, but importantly, he hasn’t.


    @David-A Yes you are right, flaps doesn’t count much in analyzing how good a driver is. But still it is something which is part of stats and can show that on the day a driver can push the car’s limit.

    Other than that, Raikkonen has 65 podiums with a percentage of 39.16%, He had more podiums than Alonso when he left on sabbatical in 2009. Yes he has 1 WDC but so has Hamilton. and i wont argue on Vettel. He may not be as good as Raikkonen or Hamilton but he is 2 times WDC. We know that counts alot.

    This list has already lost its credibility by not including Raikkonen. He deserves to be in Top 20 maybe in lower ranks. and putting Vettel so high hasn’t done justice.


    I was watching a bit on Skys F1 channel and the Murray Walker “legends” thing, anyway, Murray struck a good point that dose seem to be forgotten by us F1fanatics from time to time. Namely, who is the best is completely subjective and how can we compare any drivers from different era’s? With different rules, cars, tracks and ultimately whether you loose the race or your life when/if you crash.

    But anyway, glad Ascari made the list, be it in 11th. Im not writing of the list just yet and I’d suggest people don’t vent too much until we have a complete list from the BBC, and its best to remember, its only their list. Mine is different, and i’m its the same for people here. Vettel/Raikkonen have not even turned up yet, if indeed they even do, lets just reserve any judgement for now ;)


    who is the best is completely subjective and how can we compare any drivers from different eras

    I don’t agree – I think that’s a lazy cop-out. It’s not easy but I think it’s doable. I’d love to take a crack at it myself one day but it would be a gigantic amount of work to do it properly.


    I think we’d all love to see that, and would be very appreciative (no matter how divisive it is)!


    I’d love to see how such a challenge could be done, but its finding a method to use. I’d argue raw stats in some kind of equation that levels racers who drove for 8-10 races a season against those who have 15-20 races a season. If you ever needed help, I for one would be delighted to assit, as I’m sure others here would.
    As for a copout, maybe, but for every person who says Senna is the best, theres another who says Clark or Schumacher.

    Oh and on Ascari, Im thinking is outside the top10 unfair? He’s a double champ and has one of the best, if not the most impressive winning streak of all time and even managed to moor his car in the Monaco harbor!


    I don’t think it could be done purely on stats- it would be difficult to separate talent from car, so wouldn’t allow for drivers out-performing their car, or having a particularly poor season only because their car was useless. You could admittedly use some levellers on stats to find the most successful driver, but that driver isn’t necessarily the best.


    That would be amazing if you managed to do it :)

    I don’t think stats are the sole part in this, otherwise Schumi would win (in terms of most etc) or Fangio (%etc). It needs to be a mix of things, obviously including stats, but also things like outperforming team mates etc


    Thanks for all the feedback everyone! Will have to do it one day. Not today, not tomorrow, but eventually.


    @keithcollantine The day after tomorrow then?


    #10. Fernando Alonso


    And so the plot thickens…
    Sounds about right though (although I haven’t read the article yet, will do later).


    I cannot believe it. Vettel ahead of Alonso? Even Benson posted this on his Twitter account: Andrew Benson ‏@andrewbensonf1: Some ?ing why @alo_oficial only 10th in #BBCF1greatestdrivers. Remember it’s collective, done pre-season, & doesn’t pretend to be definitive


    Current F1 drivers shouldn’t be on the list, not until they retire. That would save a lot of conjecture.


    @katederby I think that’s a very good point.

    @kosenik Assuming Vettel is on the list…

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