Best driver never to have won a Grand Prix

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    R.J. O’Connell

    A name from the ’50s for consideration: Alfonso de Portago – only 5 GPs before his untimely death, finished twice, both in the points. Great raw talent, but brutal on equipment even by 1950s standards.

    I thought Heidfeld could have won at least once during the BMW Sauber years, he’s my pick at least for the modern era of F1. I wasn’t around to actually watch Brundle or Warwick, and the closest thing I got to seeing Chris Amon in action was GPL.


    A name from the ’50s for consideration: Alfonso de Portago

    The bold isn’t a name, but a shortened name. The real name is (drum rolls): Alfonso Antonio Vicente Eduardo Angel Blas Francisco de Borja Cabeza de Vaca y Leighton. :P


    From what I’ve read about De Portago (or the Marquis of Portago) is that he was considered to be the worst driver of Ferrari’s 1956 line-up, which was of course led by Fangio and included Collins (highly underrated imo), Castellotti and Musso (also highly underrated). If you compare the opinions people had about De Portago to Bellof, then Bellof was seen as a huge talent while De Portago was one of Ferrari’s squad who effectively bought his way in. So no, I wouldn’t choose Alfonso de Portago over Bellof by a loooooong way.


    One name I think should also be mentioned is Jean Behra, who drove from 52 to 59. He got 9 podiums during his career, including one from his debut race, and he also won some races that didn’t belong to the championship. He seems to be very forgotten nowadays, although I think he was pretty highly rated back in the 50’s .


    @diceman There’s a bit of a grey zone there: Behra has won GPs, but they didn’t count towards the Formula 1 World Championship. Same by the way goes for Nuvolari, Caracciola, Varzi, Rosemeyer, Wimille…


    Kobayashi !

    Fred Pink

    Not the best but but Ivan Capelli got a 2nd place in a Leyton House and Teo Fabi got three poles and scored a 3rd in a Brabham.

    Also what about Jean-Pierre Jarier? Reading the bits in The Lost Generation about Jarier and Tom Pryce at Shadow Jarier seemed to have awful luck.

    If you put Andrea de Cesaris in here then what about Pierluigi Martini who scored top 5 places in a Minardi or even Piercarlo Ghinzani or Gabriele Tarquini? All talented drivers held back by awful cars.

    Fred Pink

    @IrishDelee and @Dizzy-A
    Can you tell me a bit more about Tommy Byrne and Giorgio Pantano as I have never heard of them? Whey did they have so much potential?


    Hans Joachim Stuck


    Kamui Kobayashi

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