Best F1 Cars of the last 20 years

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    G’day fellow F1fanatics

    I’m not sure if this has been done before but I’m putting together a video for youtuve of the best 10 Formula 1 cars of the last 20 years. To make sure I’ve got it a decent order of car’s I need some more opinions, particulary from more experienced f1 followers (I’ve only watched f1 religioulsy since 2007). Rough Guess so far () is the 2011 Red Bull, 2009 Brawn, 2006 Renault, 2004 Ferrari, 2002 Ferrari, 1998 McLaren, 1996 Williams, 1995 Bennetton, 1993 Williams, 1992 Williams.


    make that last 25 years, I really wanna include the dominant McLarens of the late 80’s


    Here’s my top 10 (in chronological order):

    1. 1987 Williams (your 25-year frame starts here)
    2. 1988 McLaren
    3. 1992 Williams
    4. 1993 Williams
    5. 1995 Benetton
    6. 1998 McLaren
    7. 2002 Ferrari
    8. 2004 Ferrari
    9. 2009 Brawn
    10. 2011 Red Bull


    List of the cars I thought were the best. I didn’t necessarily support the team or their drivers, but these cars were definitely a force to be reckoned with in their respective years..
    1. 1997 Williams
    2. 2004 Ferrari
    3. 2009 Brawn
    4. RB7 Red Bull
    5. R25 Renault
    6. 1998 Mclaren
    7. 1996 Williams
    8. RB6 Red Bull
    9. 1995 Benetton
    10. 1993 Williams


    I’d like to suggest the 1993 McLaren MP4-8. Now, seeing as Prost walked the WDC that year not many would actually give it a second thought, but bear the following in mind before righting it off:

    (a) Senna won 5 races in it, including that epic race at Donington;
    (b) It was powered by the feeble Ford HB engine, so the fact that it won anything is down to the quality of the chassis & electronics, and Senna’s driving of course;
    (c) Its active suspension system was actually thought to be even more advanced than the Williams FW15C. The Williams was, according to Prost and Hill, quite unstable and would often pitch violently in the middle of corners; and
    (d) it is probably the prettiest McLaren ever. :)


    Most dominant cars of the past 20 years:

    1. 1992 Williams
    2. 2004 Ferrari
    3. 1996 Williams
    4. 2011 Red Bull
    5. 2002 Ferrari
    6. 1993 Williams
    7. 1998 Mclaren
    8. 2009 Brawn GP
    9. 2010 Red Bull
    10. 1997 Williams

    Williams has 4 out of the top 10, Ferrari and Red Bull have 2 each, Brawn and Mclaren have 1.


    Didn’t really follow F1 in the 1990s but know the 92 and 93 Williams were standouts.

    2000s standouts are the 2002 and 2004 Ferraris, the 2007 Mclaren, 2009 Brawn and 2010/11 RedBulls.

    I’d have loved to have had the chance to see the Brawn developed over the season with Honda factory money, because the base car was so good it dominated half a season before it started to fall back.#

    Edit: Forgot to mention the extremely fast Mclaren that kept breaking down so didn’t win the Championship (2005 maybe?).


    here’s the video:


    I forgot how beautiful the Renault 2005/6 livery was, my favourite of the 2000s, and I hope Williams add a spash of yellow to their blue and white this coming year!


    Quite a few people have suggested Red Bull’s 2011 car (RB7). However I would argue that the RB6 from last year deserved a place on the list more than its successor.

    For the first third (-ish) of the 2010 season, Red Bull blew everyone else totally out of the water. Sure it wasn’t the most reliable car on the grid, and neither did they keep up development towards the end of the season as much as they should have (similar to Brawn in ’09); but in terms of raw speed, I think it trumps the RB7.

    The RB7 is clearly a very strong package, but also remember than Ferrari and McLaren have produced particularly weak cars for 2011. Of course that doesn’t detract from Red Bull’s success, however I am merely pointing out that in terms of raw speed and performance, the RB6 was the faster car.


    What about the McLaren MP4-18DOH


    Let’s see… in chronological order:
    1987: Williams FW11B. 1-2 in the drivers championship, almost double the points of McLaren in the constructors standings.
    1988: McLaren MP4/4. Won every race except Monza, and that was due to a stupid and unfortunate accident.
    1991/1992/1993: Williams FW14, FW14B, FW15C. Okay, this is three different cars, but it’s basically the same model. If I have to choose one, it’s the ’92 FW14B: the fastest and most dominant car in the early 90s. Senna won the championship in ’91 due to numerous retirements by Mansell, but in ’92 Williams was unbeatable. in ’93 not so much, as other teams finally caught up with the technical expertise of Williams.
    1995: Benetton B195. After San Marino, it looked like Hill would take the title. But Schumacher and Benetton turned it around, and duly took both the titles.
    1999: McLaren MP4/14. I always considered this to be the fastest of the late 90’s McLarens. Sure, in 1998 The MP4/13 won the opening race in Melbourne by a lap, but in 1999, it was only by Häkkinen’s misfortunes that others could challenge him.
    2002: Ferrari F2002. The car that caused some massive rule changes to be made. That’s what I call dominance.
    2004: Ferrari F2004. Best car for most of the season, but slipped away in the end once the titles were wrapped up.
    2005: McLaren MP4-20. Based purely on speed, this car usually destroyed the Renaults – before developing some mechanical gremlin (Kimi) or crashing out (JPM).
    2009: Brawn BGP 001. The ultimate double diffuser car.
    2011: Red Bull RB7. The quickest car for almost the entire season. Not by much, but a small margin is enough.

    And a honourable mention goes to the 2007 McFerrari spygate car :P


    Chronological order
    1992 Williams
    1993 Williams
    1995 Bennetton
    1996 Williams
    1997 Williams
    1998 Mclaren
    2001 Ferrari
    2002 Ferrari
    2004 Ferrari
    2005 Renault (for the best package)
    2009 Brawn
    2010 Red Bull
    2011 Red Bull

    But the best bunch of cars for me in that time were the cars in the early 90s (The 1993 williams i believe ran close to the lap records of today) or the 2004 spec cars- will we ever see faster cars than them?


    December 1st Autosport mag had a feature charting 22 years of Interlagos fastest F1 times – the track hasn’t changed much so it allowed them to make a fair comparison of how cars evolve and gain back time from rule changes.

    The lap record of Interlagos Grand prix weekend in each respective year

    1992 lap record – 1m15.703s
    2004 lap record – 1m10.646s
    2006 lap record – 1m10.313s
    2011 lap record – 1m11.918s


    1988 McLaren
    1989 McLaren
    1992 Williams
    1995 Benetton
    1996 Williams
    2002 Ferrari
    2004 Ferrari
    2005 Renault
    2009 Brawn
    2012 Red Bull

    Maybe replacing Brawn with 1993 Williams, because it wasn’t developed particularly well.

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