Best F1 Cars of the last 20 years

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    1992 Williams (Such dominance)
    1995 Benetton (Schumacher played a big part, but the team still trounced Hill’s Williams)
    1996 Williams (Shumacher was the only thing which kept Ferrari in check)
    1998 McLaren (The best understanding of the narrow cars)
    2002 Ferrari (15/17 wins, fast and reliable)
    2003 McLaren (Such a huge step with the previous year’s car, nearly won the title)
    2004 Ferrari (see above)
    2006 Renault (before they banned Mass Dampers)
    2009 Brawn (Stole such a march on the others, even if the others did catch up)
    2011 Red Bull (Fastest all season by a big enough margin)


    I feel obliged to put in a word for the Jordan 191. Not just a pretty face:

    I remember [Alain] Prost saying there was only one car on the grid that was impressive to follow through a quick corner and that was the Jordan, because the diffuser worked so well on that car.

    The car was amazingly quick, a real testimony to the work that Gary Anderson and his team of three design engineers had done in 1990 with Mark Smith and Andrew Green. They came up with a very simple car, very easy to work on. Mechanically excellent, good traction, fantastic aerodynamics.
    Mark Gallagher

    From: “He was on it from the word go” – Schumacher’s debut remembered


    I was just about to put forward the Jordan 191! It was a remarkable car, as Keith noted Prost was full of praise for it. It managed to bag 7 poinmts finishes and 5th in the WCC, and it was the first car the team ever made!


    I don’t think the RB7 should be on the list really. It is a fine machine, and a lot more reliable then the RB6, but the RB6 was quickest all year bar Monza really.
    The RB7 was not as kind on its tyres as the MP4-26, nor as quick as it in Hungary, or Suzuka and the second half of the race at Barcelona.
    I don’t think the car in it self was nearly as dominant, I just think the team worked better and made it look like it, but the margins was really very slim between it and the MP4-26.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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