Best F1 pass of 2011: Your nominations

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    Your votes for “Pass of the Year” will again form part of F1 Fanatic’s end-of-season review. We’ve certainly had a lot to choose from this year!

    As usual a shortlist will be drawn up and that’s where you come in.

    Make your suggestions for the best pass of 2011 below. I’ll use your suggestions to come up with the final ten which will then be put to the vote.

    Remember you can embed videos from major video sharing sites by posting a link to the videos – however please do not post more than one video per reply.

    Here is how the voting went over the last two years:

    2009 nominations
    2009 winner: Kamui Kobayashi on Jenson Button
    2010 nominations
    2010 winner: Robert Kubica on Jenson Button


    My personal favourites were:
    Vettel on Alonso (Italy)
    Kobayashi on Maldonando (Great Britain)
    Button on Rosberg (Turkey)

    These were the ones I remember enjoying the most watching live.


    Does the Lewis vs Mark battle in Korea on lap 34 count? If so then that should be No.1.
    So my nominations would be.

    1. Lewis vs Mark Korea
    2. Mark on Fernando in Spa ( i suspect this will win)
    3. Lewis on Jenson in China
    4. Jenson on Rosberg in turkey
    5. Jenson on 2 cars in Spa
    6. Lewis on Vettel in China

    Obviously there’s a Mclaren bias there, but as a Mclaren fan they are the ones I remember and I can’t remember too many better!


    I think it has to be one of these two
    – Webber on Alonso at Eau Rouge
    – Vettel on Alonso at Curva Grande

    Some other nominations;
    – Schumacher on Hamilton at Loews
    – Hamilton on Button at Turn 1, Shanghai
    – Hamilton on Alonso at Turn 2, Nurburgring
    – Massa double overtake on Webber and Button at Turn 3, Korea
    – Massa on Kobayashi at the finish line, Montreal


    oh and Hamilton on Schumi in Monaco, and on Alonso in Monaco…There are sooo many!! it’s going to be a tough choice this year!!


    Alonso in Nurburgring sorry. (edit feature not working)


    Webber on Alonso at Eau Rouge
    Schumacher on Hamilton in Loews
    Webber on Alonso in Singapore (maybe both passes)
    Vettel on Rosberg in Spa
    Vettel on Alonso in Monza
    Hamilton on Button and Vettel in Shanghai
    Hamilton on Alonso at Nurburgring
    Hungaroring – not sure who, but someone took advantage of lapped cars
    Vettel on Hamilton at Korea
    Button in Spa, some great ones but can’t remember specificaly

    Not sure if battles count:
    McLarens in Istanbul
    McLarens at Hungaroring
    Webber vs. Hamilton in Korea


    Vettel on Rosberg at Spa, unfortunately this is the only video I can find:


    Mark on Fernando Spa
    vettel on Alonso Monza
    Schumacher On Hamilton
    Vettel on Hamilton Korea


    Lewis on Jenson, China
    Lewis on Mark, Germany
    lewis on Fernando, Germany
    Mark on Fernando, Spa
    Seb on Nico, Spa
    Seb on Fernando, Italy
    Mark on Fernando, Singapore

    Will try to think of others.


    The problem with the Seb on Rosberg move is the huge tyre differential


    1) Vettel on Alonso (Monza)
    2) Vettel on Rosberg (Spa)
    3) Hamilton vs Webber battle at Korea was awesome. Lewis taking the place back on lap 34 was brilliant


    Vettel on Rosberg at spa
    Webber on Alonso at spa
    Vettel on Alonso at Monza
    Hamilton on Alonso at Nurburgring
    Hamilton on Vettel at Shanghai

    I quite liked Senna on Kobayashi in Korea.


    Mark on Fernando in Spa


    Was it this year or last year when Hamilton and Button raced each other on the circuit around high speed corners without touching? That was amazing stuff.

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