Best F1 pass of 2011: Your nominations

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    Schumacher on Hamilton (Monaco)
    Hamilton on Schumacher (Monaco)
    Schumacher on Massa and Kobayashi (Montreal)
    Hamilton on Webber (Nurburgring)
    Webber on Alonso (Spa)
    Vettel on Rosberg (Spa)
    Vettel on Alonso (Monza)
    Button on Schumacher and Hamilton (Monza)
    Webber on Alonso (Marina Bay)
    Sutil on Kobayashi (Suzuka)


    @dam00r – I remember them dicing in Hungary this year and Turkey last year and this year, but nothing around fast corners.


    Schumacher on Hamilton (Monaco)
    Vettel on Rosberg (Spa)
    Webber on Alonso (Spa)
    Vettel on Alonso (Monza)
    Schumacher on Kobayashi and Massa (Canada)
    Sutil on Kobayashi (Suzuka)


    the edit feature doesn’t seem to be working, and I forgot to mention Massa on Kobayashi in Suzuka and the duel between Webber and Hamilton in Korea


    Hamilton around the outside of Webber during their battle at turn 7 (?) was pretty amazing.


    Sebl round the outside of Nico at Spa. Had me hanging on to the edge of the couch.

    Mark on Fernando at Eau R0uge. If that had gone wrong they would be picking up carbon fibre on the dark side of the moon.


    Here are the 10 that stand out for me:

    Hamilton on Vettel (China)
    Schumacher on Hamilton (Monaco)
    Schumacher on Massa AND Kobayashi (Canada)
    Button on Vettel (Canada)
    Massa on Kobayashi (Canada)
    Hamilton on Webber (Germany)
    Webber on Alonso (Belgium)
    Vettel on Rosberg (Belgium)
    Vettel on Alonso (Italy)
    Sutil on Kobayashi (Japan)


    @raymondu999 Hey! thanks. It was probably the Hungary one. I haven’t got my hard disk connected to affirm it right now. But it’s probably that one. The Turkey ones are around the last corners right? but the Hungary one is side by side around several medium>high speed bendy corners? It was fantastic to see live.


    My favourite pass was undoubtedly Button on Vettel in Canada…

    Oli Peacock

    Its a really difficult decision this year because the class of driving has been a all time high, we’ve seen some unexpected talent across the year such as Sutil passing Kobayashi at 130R was a highlight, as well some great wheel to wheel action (Hamilton and Webber at Korea) and some ballsy overtakes (Webber on Alonso at Eau Rouge) so choosing the best overtake this year i feel it must be unexpected pass considering how high the bar has been raised so im going to put it into 4 catagories

    Most Surprising overtake: Sutil on Kobayashi at 130R
    Best race-craft: Webber and Lewis at T3 to T7 Korea
    Best overtake:
    The ‘Should’nt of worked’ award: Lewis on 2 lapped cars going around the outside into the Final corner at Malaysia


    got to be Hamilton on Alonso in Germany around turn 2


    Here are my favorites of this season:

    Hamilton on Vettel – China


    Alonso on Webber and Vettel – Spain


    Schumacher on Kobayashi and Massa – Canada:


    Alonso on Webber – Valencia (a good DRS move!)


    Hamilton on Alonso – Silverstone

    (at 1:05-1:09)

    Rosberg vs Vettel – Spa Francorchamps

    (at 0:55)

    Vettel on Alonso – Monza


    Those were the good ones.


    And the problem with Lewis on Vettel at China is that Sebastian’s tyres were shot while Lewis’ were not, and that’s not including the faulty KERS he had included.

    Check and mate sunshine…


    I loved the way Schumacher sold Alguersuari a dummy @ Nurburgring. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uEGki_eqD0

    Schumi’s move on Massa and Kamui was also mega.

    But the best was Webber on Alonso at Eau Rouge. I actually had to look away when I saw it coming!


    @Nico WDC’11
    Fair enough, i wasn’t comparing the moves, simply giving my opinion on Vettel’s move. As I said, my list was more a list of Mclaren’s best overtaking moves as being a fan of them, those are the ones I remember. Obviously there were many other great moves during the season and therefore you would expect quite a few better than the one at the bottom of my list. If you want me to compare the 2, then in my view, Hamilton’s was the more skilled (clever use of KERS, catching by surprise etc.) and Vettel’s was the braver, making them about equal. Only my opinion o fcourse.

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