Best F1 pass of 2011: Your nominations

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    Mentions to:

    Vettel on Alonso, Monza – who says he can’t overtake?!
    Heidfeld on Perez, Valencia – clinical round the outside, made it look easy
    Barrichello on Schumacher, Monaco – incredibly ambitious, made it stick
    Button on Rosberg, Turkey – beautiful car positioning to send it round the outside
    Hamilton on Button, China – ballsy and it worked!

    But it just has to be Webber on Alonso through Eau Rouge, doesn’t it?!


    Alonso’s move on Sunday deserves a mention too. Not as good as Webber’s move, but still one of the best.


    Not to take too much away from Alonso himself- he still did well to be where he was- but Button did back out of it because of debris on track, which makes the overtake a lot less special IMO.


    It was definately woth an honourable mention though. No DRS, round the outside of another competitive car deserves the thumbs up


    Alonso’s move does deserve a mention too for the reasons 91jb12 mentioned.


    Hamilton on Schumacher, Monaco.
    Webber on Alonso, Spa.
    Vettel on Alonso, Monza.
    Alonso on Button, Interlagos.


    The best overtake of the year is:

    Webber on Alonso – Eau Rouge (Belgium 2011)

    A lot of people have taken it for granted that this might just win the best overtake of the year, but I thought I’d better put some evidence together about why this should win.

    1) It has been said previously that Eau Rouge is no longer a challenge for modern F1 cars. I would like to remind these people of a couple of things to keep in mind. A modern F1 car can take Eau Rouge flat out, ONLY, when they are on the racing line. The overtake Webber performed put both drivers off line into the entry of the corner and therefor couldn’t take the corner flat out. I’d also like to highlight that being off the racing line, both drivers were venturing onto a part of the track that didn’t have the same levels of grip that they would normally enjoy on the racing line.
    2) The place on the track where Webber overtook is not a known overtaking area, in fact, I’ve never seen a pass like it. Sure people have overtaken slower cars that have moved off line, or completed a move earlier on the straight, but at the point where Mark overtook Alonso, couldn’t of been more than 100m before the apex of the first part of the corner.
    3) Neither of the 2 drivers paniced and hit each other, both gave each other enough room to race, without making it an easy pass. Any other day, or driver, Alonso would have held that position. It could be argued that the Ferrari was a slower car than the Red Bull, but I would counter by saying that although Red Bull was the fastest car all year, that Ferrari and McLaren had strengths that surpassed the Red Bull. I’m not suggesting that Mark did the overtake with an inferior car, that would be too much to say, but I’m suggesting that the overtake on a Ferrari was just as good would it have been against a McLaren or even on Vettel himself. If the manouvre was performed on a Lotus by Mark, then we wouldn’t be discussing the merrits of the overtake.
    4) Martin Brundle and David Coulthard, both ex-drivers have commented about how gutsy a manouvre it was, to the point where they tracked down Mark in the back of the pits to talk to him about it. Sure sure, everyone will be saying that commentators have to talk about something, but I would argue that something as good as this will always naturally lend itself to the commentary it received during and post-race. Martin Brundle’s comments on Mark’s overtake can be read here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/formula_one/14711653.stm

    In Summary:
    – Skill in car control on a line that is not normally taken, judging adhesion levels, as well as speed and also making sure the car can make the next part of the corner.
    – One of the most unique manouvres in F1 history! Unless I’m corrected, I’ll claim its unprecedented for a driver to overtake a competitive car at that spot!
    – The overtake involved 2 cars of near equal level of competitiveness.
    – Ex-F1 drivers and F1 journalists thought this was the best overtake of the year.

    In my books, this has to win the overtake of the year.

    And of course, the overtake in question can be seen here: http://www.genspot.com/Video/ShowVideo.aspx?video_id=365759


    Alonso’s move deserves a mention here, certainly, but not in the final article. I believe it is normally brought down to 10 overtakes, and because of Button having to lift for debris I don’t think it was among those 10 best.


    Thanks for the nominations so far everyone, keep them coming, we’ll have the vote on the site soon.


    Webber on Alonso at Spa. Such bravery and respect between the two drivers. I could watch that overtake time and time again. Everyone has said enough about it above so I won’t go on.


    I’ll keep it simple , just 3:
    FIRST: Webber on Alonso, Eau Rouge
    SECOND: Vettel on Alonso, Monza
    THIRD: Alonso on Button, Brazil


    My shortlist, in no order:
    Vettel on Alonso, Monza
    Webber on Alonso, Spa
    Heidfeld on Perez, Valencia
    Webber on Alonso, Singapore
    Alonso on Button, Interlagos
    Alonso on Hamilton, Vettel and Webber, Barcelona
    Massa on Rosberg, Monte Carlo
    Hamilton on Button, Shanghai
    Barrichello on Schumacher, Monte Carlo
    Alonso on Kobayashi, Melbourne


    1: Curva Grande RedBull overtakes Alonso round outside
    2: Hamilton round the outside of Alonso Nurburgring
    3: Webber Eau Rouge on Alonso

    Unintentionally all on Alonso… D:

    Prisoner Monkeys

    For me, it’s got to be Alonso taking Button in Brazil.

    Jenson Button should have won it back in 2009 when he got Romain Grosjean the same way at the same corner. However, Kamui Kobayashi won it for his pass on Button at Abu Dhabi despite Button have green tyres and being fuel-heavy when Kobayashi was not; even I could have made that pass on Button. So Alonso should get it this time around.


    No, Vettel made the same pass on Barrichello in the 2009 race in probably an even more impressive fashion than Button. And I don’t think Alonso should win just because Button didn’t win in 2009 for making a similar pass. It should be about the best pass of the year.

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