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    Theo Parkinson

    With Mercedes seemingly untouchable and teams and drivers already throwing in the towel, who is going to finish best of the rest in both championships.
    My prediction:




    I don’t see Vettel overcoming his problems with his driving and his car anytime soon. I believe Ricciardo or Alonso for 3rd, as I believe they will pull away from the rest of the pack whilst still chasing the Silver Arrows.


    I think:

    Constructor: RBR
    Driver: VET

    It isn’t the first time VET has come back at the 2nd half of a championship season, however, at this moment in time, it seems very distant. However, it is clear to me that the RBR is the best of the rest.


    Constructor: Red Bull Racing
    Driver: Ricciardo

    Dan is in good form at the moment and seems to be able to get more out of the RB10 over a race distance. he is also pretty handy in quali, so that’ll help him in the psychological battle against Vettel I think due to Vettel being seen as a one lap specialist in addition to his many other talents.


    RBR 2nd.


    Seb will still struggle all year but looking better this weekend with the car, Dan looking real good and will just get better and is oozing confidence. Fernando is always a great racer, although could be better Saturday arvo, but again he doesn’t seem to have the car.

    I would love to say Bottas for 4th really, next year maybe!


    In a the last few years you’d say Alonso, but now RBR and Mercedes are faster than them. I reckon Vettel will find his feet come Summer, and he is normally very strong in Asia


    Either Ricciardo or Vettel, Red Bull now have the clear 2nd best car. If Ferrari could replicate their China form more consistently, then Alonso.


    Red bull have almost as much of an advantage over the rest of the field as Merc do over them. So it has to be one of there drivers. If it wasn’t for Merc, RB would be more dominant than ever!

    Bradley Downton

    I’m going to go completely different. Lotus.

    Ok, they may already be too far behind to finish 2nd by the end of the year, but I reckon they’ll be the second best team by then. In Spain they looked fairly quick, despite the car still looking a monumental handful! I reckon once they have it sorted, and the car fully refined, they can be second best.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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