Best Straights in F1

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    Whilst watching cars make their way down the never-ending back straight at Yas Marina it got me thinking about straights. Corners (rightfully) get all the attention in but straights tend to get little or no recognition at all – and if they are mentioned the corners at either end always get a mention. Are all straights boring or are there some that stir the soul and look jaw-droppingly awesome? Is that even possible at all?!


    I’ll kick things off.
    Current circuits:
    1) Interlagos – Start/Finish straight.
    2) Spa – Kemmel Straight
    3) Red Bull Ring – ‘straight’ between turns 1&2
    4) Silverstone – Hangar Straight
    5) Singapore – Raffles Boulevard

    James Brickles

    Monza – The straight between the 2nd Lesmo and the Variate Ascari
    Monaco – Beau Rivage (Between St Devote and Massenet)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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