Best track out of the Asian / Pacific Races ?

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    Personally Suzuka has always been a Favourite, this year will be my 5th time to go there ( cannot wait )Melbourne doesnt do shyt for me ( sorry ) I was really impressed with Sepang, standing at the tr-level hairpin blows ur mind, and Shanghai somehow was missing some . . . . um, Passion, Korea seems so isolated, singapore doesnt seem to have alot of great multi viewing areas.

    So would I be right, in imagining most rate Suzuka as their fav Asian race ?


    Judging purely by track layout and action in races I’d go for:

    Top Tier:


    Good Tier:




    Average Tier:



    There aren’t any terrible tracks (Valencia, I’m looking at you) out there, Korea is difficult to judge because the race last year was so weird.


    1) Suzuka – Sicko circuit with history, nuff’ said.

    2) Melbourne – Great street circuit, good atmosphere, good racing.

    3) Sepang – Has some great corners and some history.

    4) Korea – Original configuration imo.

    5) Singapore – A nightrace on a challenging street circuit. What more?

    6) Shangai – A bit of Sepang’s copy, although it does produce good racing.

    7) Bahrain (old layout) – Decent circuit with plenty of overtaking.

    8) Abu Dhabi – The entire track is a mickey mouse section.

    9) Bahrain (2010) – One of the worst circuit in F1 history, if not the worst.


    1) Melbourne

    2) Suzuka

    3) Singapore

    Then a little behind:

    4) Bahrain old layout

    5) Korea

    6) Sepang

    A long, long way behind:

    7) Shangai

    8) Abu Dhabi


    1) Suzuka – Brilliant track, love watching the cars going through the esses.

    2) Melbourne – Great way to start the season.

    3) Sepang – A challenging track with good overtaking opportunities.

    4) Shanghai – Not a brilliant track, but good overtaking spots and unpredictable weather does often make for good racing!

    5) Korea – I’ll reserve judgement until we have a full dry race here.

    6) Bahrain (pre 2010) – Decent track, haven’t really seen a classic race here yet though.

    7) Singapore – Looks great under lights, but layout is a bit fiddly.

    8) Abu Dhabi – Great setting, awful layout!


    I love Shanghai, I think it’s a fantastic venue with generally very exciting races. The layout may not be the most challenging but I love the speed of the place.

    The snail corner at the start is a bit of a pace breaker though.

    Abu Dhabi is probably one of the worst tracks in F1 history, the venue is fantastic but the layout is boring, and has no exciting element of danger.


    Singapore is cool! I would definately visit there.

    Suzuka too – if these races are ever back to back in the future I’d definately go.

    And Korea, nice layout. ;)

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