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    I’m not a better myself, but since I’ve heard of how someone broke the bank putting a tenner on Button in 2009, I always think it’s interesting to check out the bets.

    Despite being right up at the top in testing times, Felipe Massa stands at odds of 1:32 (if you bet £1, you win £32). Even Nico Hülkenberg at 1:40 might be an interesting outside bet. What do you guys think: worth a £10 bet, or too unlikely?


    Not a betting man either, but a bookmaker who shall not be named, is giving Massa at 20/1 odds. An each way bet would even be a nice little earner if it came to pass. I’ll have a ponder about that.


    Well, it’s better odds than the lottery, so if you have a tenner to spare, why not?

    I can’t stand any betting losses so I don’t bother with it in the first place. I’d rather put my tenner towards a couple of good beers for when I sit down to watch a race – money much better spent, in my opinion (unless, of course, the bet would turn out to be a winning bet).

    sbl on tour

    thinking of going for a williams 1/2 in aus, what do you think


    Massa for championship? Seriously?
    As much as I like Felipe and Williams I see little point in betting for him in the championship. He may finish in the top ten but to win Williams would have to have a faster car than Mercedes and that seems unlikely to happen.


    There is no reason why Massa and Williams can’t win the Championship, especially if they are as reliable as in testing. I still think Bottas may be the better bet, especially at 50/1 if you’re going for a Williams driver.

    Why not go the whole hog, pray for extreme unreliability, and Bianch/Chilton/Ericsson/Kobayashi to win the first race at 1000/1 ;)


    Williams has the best facilities, one of the largest groups of employees and now has a lot of spare cash… I think they could do some good things. ;)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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