Brake by Wire effect on drivers

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    Theo Parkinson

    With the new Brake by Wire system introduced how will it affect different drivers with different styles? Will it benefit the more smooth drivers or the ones who tend to break very late.?With all the new rule changes this one seems like a big game changer.


    first of all, can someone please explain what brake by wire is?


    Electronic braking, so no physical connection between the brake pedal and the brake fluid circuit.
    Same as drive by wire in the throttle on your car. Just in the braking system.
    But it will only affect the rear wheels. The front wheel breaking will be done as usual.


    it’s necessary to remember that this technology was also very unrelianle in Mclaren many years ago (in the times of Kimi I think)


    Just to add to what brake by wire is, or why it is being implemented is partially because there is a weight savings from not having to run heavy brake lines from the pedal box, all the way to the rear of the car. I am sure there are more advantages, like better brake modulation etc. Anyone know of some of the other inherent advantages of by wire systems?


    It probably auto adjusts the bias depending on KERS harvesting?


    The hydraulic brake-lines can’t physically control the KERS harvest and that is what does most of the rear breaking this year, so brake by wire is the best option for the rear wheels.

    Max Jacobson

    Does there not have to be a hydraulic connection also by the regulations though?

    11.7 Rear brake control system :
    The pressure in the rear braking circuit may be provided by a powered control system
    provided that :
    a) The driver brake pedal is connected to a hydraulic master cylinder that generates a pressure source that can be applied to the rear braking circuit if the powered system is disabled.

    So I don’t think that is an advantage @dzrhml02.


    and does there have to be brake by wire braking installed? or can teams not have the system set up.

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