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    I’ve got a question for everyone please. With Hamilton retiring from F1 in the next few years what new British drivers can come along to race for wins and championships? Or is F1 going to have a British drought for a long time?

    Ben Needham

    Hamilton makes noises about retirement, but if he wins the title next year, I can see him hanging around to try and chase Schumacher’s record, no matter what he says in the press. He’s still young and fit and could easily have another 5 or 6 seasons if he wanted them and I can’t see Mercedes booting him out.

    That aside, the obvious answer is Lando Norris, who is skirting around the McLaren team and would possibly be the logical choice once Alonso leaves, assuming his development keeps going well. Oliver Rowland is doing reasonably well at the moment and while his age counts against him, Brendon Hartley has proved that there is still room for older “rookies”. Jordan King is far from spectacular, but that didn’t stop Will Stevens having a season, so who knows.

    The best bet for the “next big British thing”, is certainly Lando Norris, in my opinion.

    Ben Needham

    Should also mention George Russell, but his association with Mercedes means he is now in a queue which also features not only Esteban Ocon and Pascal Wehrlein, but the team’s first choice to replace Bottas (if need be) would surely be one of the Red Bull duo at the moment. That’s not to say that he couldn’t end up at Force India when a space is made available.

    Dan Ticktum is also one to keep an eye on (let’s put his behaviour in 2015 down to immaturity). He’s backed by Red Bull and could feature at some point.


    George Russell and Lando Norris certainly will be in F1 by 2020 at the latest, other than that I don’t think any of the current crop stand much of a chance. Rowland is average, Ticktum should have been banned for life, and the likes of Jordan King haven’t done enough. To be honest though despite being British I don’t really care whether a driver happens to have the same flag next to his name.


    George Russell could follow Hamilton’s path. He still got more things to learn though.


    There won’t be a drought of British winners unless Verstappen goes to Mercedes :)

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