Need help buying a Pirelli or Bridgestone F1 tyre

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    Hi Everyone… Ive been lucky enought to buy a used RB2 Wheel. To complete my task, I am hoping to hunt down a new or used tyre for the rim.

    Cant seem to source 1 anywhere…. really appreciate if anyone has tips or could point me in the right direction, thanks very very much. all feedback appreciated


    Try emailing Pirelli?


    The RB2 ran on Michelins, didn’t it?

    Just be careful if it’s a front wheel, those got narrower in 2010, and you wouldn’t want one which doesn’t fit.


    and the RB2 still had the four grooves moulded into the tyre.

    Adam Tate

    If you don’t mind me asking, how did you manage to get the RB2 wheel?!

    Cause that’s straight up awesome.

    Fer no.65

    @adam-tate there are many parts of F1 cars on ebay. Scarbs usually tweets his ebay f1 findings, which are all awesome. He even bought an old F-Duct…

    The other day I saw the complete floor of a Red Bull car on ebay ! I always wonder how that gets to ebay…

    Adam Tate

    @Fer no.65

    Thanks man! I haven’t been following Scarbs as close as usual this season, so I missed seeing that.

    I am surprised that can even get to ebay, that is just incredible!! And good for Scarbs getting an F-Duct :)

    I’d love to see what an airbox and some pirellis would look like on my MX-5 ;)


    @Adam Tate

    Iā€™d love to see what an airbox and some pirellis would look like on my MX-5 ;)

    That would be nothing short of legen………….dary!
    But you probably need to expand the wheel arches quite a bit to fit those fat slicks underneath.


    An actual F1 race tyre will be near impossible to come across.
    Paul Hembery has been pretty open on Twitter that all tyres are destroyed post race – even unused ones. This is to prevent other tyre manufacturers stealing their magic dust.
    I’m sure Bridgestone were the same, if not even more secretive during the tyre war years.

    They clearly make demo tyres or the like for display cars etc, so perhaps try your luck getting one of those.


    Yep that is true. No tyres survives a race weekend, so a demo tyre must be the way to go.
    I hope you have some luck with your search @australian . Maybe write Red Bull a polite email. They might have a dusty demo tyre laying around behind a fridge that fits your wheel.

    Fer no.65

    @Adam-Tate It’d probably make it slower than it is… but awesome anyway :P.

    Adam Tate

    Yeah I’m fairly certain it would ruin the handling of such a small car as mine, but it’s a fun thought!

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