Can Hamilton beat Vettel on Top Gear?

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    really?!! REALLY?!?! People are having THIS discussion?!? /shakes head in disbelief

    Max Jacobson

    @catracho504 @matt90 ‘s spot on with his comment: I really wouldn’t read too much into it, it’s really only for entertainment. I should also add the “Vettel brigade” aren’t making up excuses for Hamilton being faster because quite simply we don’t officially know if he was faster!


    @catracho504 Bianchi won Massa’s kart race, in which Alonso participated. The karts were all equal. I guess that means that Bianchi (as well as Nasr, Di Grassi, Massa, and others) is better than Alonso.


    @catracho504 And please don’t say that “it’s a fun thing, no more, no less” (about what @brazil2007 said) because:

    ANYTHING having to do with any driver, may it be a Kart driver or an F1 driver is a competition… You consciously set out to the track to beat a set lap… Fun… yeah right… that´s what a loser would say if he got beat fair and square. If you think otherwise, you must be a mediocre competitor… If you don´t aim for the top, get out!



    Bianchi won Massa’s kart race, in which Alonso participated. The karts were all equal. I guess that means that Bianchi (as well as Nasr, Di Grassi, Massa, and others) is better than Alonso.

    By that rationale…. how many more drivers were on track with Vettel and Hamilton when they recorded their laps??


    @catracho504 That’s irrelevant. My point about Bianchi makes about as much sense as using Top Gear as proof of Hamilton’s “superiority”, though. In fact, since Alonso and Bianchi were on the track in identical conditions, it probably makes more sense.


    @Nichols Sunderland A race involves many more variables. While the karts are identical, they ARE not the exact same car as top Gear.


    No they are not exactly the same. But lets assume that Felipe does have enough money to arrange some quality karts, then the differences will be minor. The track surface on the other hand is exactly the same, as its done on the same day, on the same time. On TG the conditions can vary a lot, and I will hazard a guess that the small manufacturing differences in the karts makes for a much smaller difference in lap time, then several months worth of weather.


    It is relevant…. it´s much harder to put in a proper lap when there are more drivers on track… you need to find a space so that you don´t come across with slower drivers… Sort of like what happened to Alonso in Suzuka 2012…
    In TG, they are alone, no one else is on track… I thought that was the “3 time WDC”´s specialty… You guys (the Vettel bandwagon) can come up with all the excuses you want… when it´s all said and done… the “3 time WDC” got his tush served on a platter, may it be by tenths or whatever… I´m just happy for it because it was about time somebody proved he is not a God, a great or even the fastest and much of 2011 and the second part of 2012 was owed to a certain Bald headed gentleman that works for Herr Vettel´s team!

    Don´t worry about it guy… I already answered and didn´t say that because I would have come across as a loser with the same loser mentality than the original poster…
    The discussion was on lap times not race and the comparisson of a race and a TG lap is different because there are no other drivers on track in TG. If you have done any type of racing you would understand…


    We’ll find out shortly how Hamilton did on his latest attempt so place your bets. Here are the F1 driver times so far:

    Sebastian Vettel – 1’44.0
    Rubens Barrichello – 1’44.3
    Nigel Mansell – 1’44.6
    Lewis Hamilton – 1’44.7 (Wet)
    Jenson Button – 1’44.7
    Jenson Button – 1’44.9 (Snow)
    Perry McCarthy – 1’46.0
    Kimi Raikkonen – 1’46.1 (Wet)
    Damon Hill – 1’46.3
    Mark Webber – 1’47.1 (Wet)


    @catracho504 Loser mentality? Wow, lay off on the personal attacks. I was simply looking at the situation objectively. I am not on any bandwagon.


    $100 says he did a 1:43.25! XD

    Wow, didn´t know the gap was so small with different conditions… 7 tenths with a wet track against a dry one is not bad at all!! HAM FTMFW!!!

    I wasn´t calling you a loser… go back and read who the original poster was!


    @catracho504 Sorry, I misunderstood you. I thought you were referring to the original poster of the comment @tmekt quoted (I.e. Me).

    Regardless, despite the situations being very different, Alonso was behind Bianchi, therefore we can deduce that he was slower. Using that as proof of Binachi’s superiority would be as reasonable as using Top Gear as proof of Hamilton’s superiority.



    Alonso was behind Bianchi

    Really? I thought he was punted off in a curve… Anyways… like I said… A race is totally different than a one lap time trial… and I´ll leave it at that and I´ll also add that karts are like F1 cars in which the most minimal difference does affect their performance… The same does not happen in a mass produced Liana… Oh and mind you that a 7 tenths difference in a wet and oily track is not that big… so yeah… I honestly believe HAM was faster than everybody elses hero…
    And just to refresh memories…
    By the way… the original poster was mnmracer… go back and read it..


    Hamilton arrived gunning for Vettel’s time: “He’s had the best car for goodness knows how many years and he’s top on Top Gear…”

    And he got the job done with a new record time of 1’42.9!

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