Car rankings 2012: average performance excluding drivers

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    Hey guys. I was just looking at the constructors standings and I couldn’t help but shake my head at the 8th position that Williams is in. I think that purely based on the car, they should have been 5th in the championship, rating them above Mercedes and in some races on par with or even ahead of Ferrari. Maybe even higher? I don’t know, as it’s all guesses of course. What do you think?

    Here’s my ranking:
    1. McLaren – Good on all circuits, in most conditions, should be almost unbeatable on a theoretical good day
    2. Red Bull – Weak on some circuits, but usually a good race pace. Have somehow lost their edge in qualifying.
    3. Lotus – Could be 1 or 2 on a good day, but something is holding it back. Seems not to be the best over 1 lap.
    4. Ferrari – How much is Alonso over-performing and Massa under-performing? Hard to gauge.
    5. Williams – Should be a regular podium contender. I can only imagine the safe hands of Barrichello and new talent of Hulkenberg in this car.
    6. Sauber – I think their young line-up is affecting their performance both positively and negatively. Have been very fast on occasions, pretty unlucky on others, swimming aimlessly in the midfield in some cases.
    7. Mercedes – Were right up there earlier this year, but have lost the touch. Rosberg seems demotivated. I think they’re done for this year. Anonymous.
    Rest: 8. Force India, 9. Torro Rosso (I reckon their youngsters are actually not that bad. Not a very inspiring car to attack a race in), 10. Caterham, 11. Marussia, 12. HRT


    I felt sure there was a “pecking order” thread for this season already, but I couldn’t find one, largely because the search function still doesn’t work for me. Carry on…


    Here’s the last article on car performance from the summer break. I’ll probably revisit this soon – either before the next race or after the next double-header:

    Top teams remain close as McLaren peg back Red Bull


    I think both Red Bull and McLaren have a very good car, the McLaren having the upper hand at the moment. The Ferrari might have been right up there with the McLaren and the Red Bulls five races ago, but they admitted they can’t keep up with the development rate.

    I think the most underperformed car is the Lotus: they hired two ‘inexperienced’ drivers (both hadn’t raced in F1 for 2 years), but they still got 9 podiums this season. I’m sure that if they hired two pilots that were already (more) familiar with the Pirellis, Kers, DRS… they would have been first or second in the WCC.

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