Champions’ most memorable wins

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    Sebastian Vettel
    1. 2008 Italian GP – Self-explanatory
    2. 2009 Chinese GP – Red Bull’s first win, at a part in the season Brawn still seemed unbeatable
    3. 2010 Abu Dhabi GP – His first WDC, and what a race, did everything right.
    4. 2013 German GP – Put his foot down and kept two hard charging Lotus drivers behind.
    5. 2012 Japanese GP – Practically put an end to Alonso’s championship hopes.

    Kimi Raikkonen
    1. 2005 Japanese GP – The race that switched me to a fan, while I was quite immature against Schumacher’s competitors back then.
    2. 2004 Belgian GP – Solid race in Schumacher’s backyard in one of his most dominant years.
    3. 2012 Abu Dhabi GP – The win that eluded him all season finally came and gave F1 a catchphrase that will last a generation.
    4. 2007 Brazilian GP – Probably the most important victory of his career.
    5. 2013 Australian GP – Nobody expected this win, but he drove like he never did anything else than winning.
    Note: The 2009 Belgian GP victory never felt special to me, as it still feels he got by on KERS, rather than himself. He could have, but would he have?

    Jenson Button
    1. 2011 Canadian GP – Crazy, crazy race, excellent performance in those conditions and to come from that far back.
    2. 2011 Japanese GP – Again the one to beat Vettel in his unbeatable year. Probably gained him a ton of fans as well.
    3. 2012 Belgian GP – Schumacher-esque domination. His victory was never under threat, a mean feat in such a close season.
    4. 2009 Monaco GP – Mature drive, didn’t put a foot wrong.
    5. 2010 Australian GP – Made the right choices, showed he could also win in a non-dominant car and winning before Hamilton did in their time together probably helped his place in the team as well.

    Lewis Hamilton
    1. 2008 British GP – Schooled the rest of the field. For me, cemented his talent.
    2. 2007 Canadian GP – First win and what a track to do so at.
    3. 2012 US GP – Beat Vettel fair and square on new ground.
    4. 2007 Japanese GP – Kept his head on in a crazy race.
    5. 2009 Hungarian GP – While the McLaren had improved a lot, it still wasn’t supposed to be near the Brawns and Red Bulls. Great drive, deserved victory.

    Fernando Alonso
    1. 2005 San Marino GP – Held off 7 time WDC winner Schumacher, who at that time looked just as intimidating as ever, even if Ferrari had a ‘poor start of the season’.
    2. 2012 Malaysian GP – A win in a car that seemed to be Ferrari’s worst since 2009, did not make a single mistake, even with a very hungry youngster breathing down his neck, in a car that was equal if not better at that point in the season.
    3. 2003 Hungarian GP – Lapped Schumacher. Where on earth did this kid come from and how did he win this race?
    4. 2012 European GP – Usually I’m not a fan of race wins which were inherited, due to technical failures. However, the impact this had on the 2012 championship and Alonso’s emotions at the end made this a special one.
    5. 2010 Singapore GP – A convincing win at a critical point in the season.

    If there is a thread for past champions, I’m going to have to plan a day ahead to pick my favorite Schumacher wins. Both because I have so many memories and he has won so many races..



    If there is a thread for past champions, I’m going to have to plan a day ahead to pick my favorite Schumacher wins.

    You can do that here. ;-)


    Ayrton Senna
    1. 1993 European GP – The day he made ”The Professor” look like an amateur.
    2. 1988 Japanese GP – Coming from the back to win his first championship.
    3. 1985 Portugeese GP – First win in very wet conditions.
    4. 1992 Monaco GP – Immense pressure from Mansell and he didn’t make a single mistake.
    5. 1991 Brasilian GP – His first home win, with 6th gear.

    Michael Schumacher
    1. 1992 Belgian GP – Amazing first victory.
    2. 2004 French GP – Made a difficult strategy work.
    3. 1995 Belgian GP – Made the right call.
    4. 2006 Chinese GP – His last victory versus the Renaults.
    5. 2001 Japanese GP – Last battle against Mika Hakkinen.

    That’s it for now :)


    Michael Schumacher
    1. 1998 Hungarian Grand Prix – 25 qualifying laps. In a row. Beating a faster McLaren. Wow.
    2. 1996 Spanish Grand Prix – To quote Martin Brundle, “He didn’t have the best car by a mile. But he won by a mile.”
    3. 1995 Belgian Grand Prix – In a rainy race, he was beating Damon who was on wets – despite being on slicks! Oh yeah, and he won from 16th on the grid.
    4. 2006 Chinese Grand Prix – No one could make the intermediate Bridgestones work… except Michael. The only one on B’s to qualify in the Top 10… and clawed back a 25-second deficit to Alonso and Fisichella to win.
    5. 1997 Monaco Grand Prix – Starting 2nd, he made the right tyre choice and led at the end of Lap 1 by SIX seconds. He won by almost a minute.

    Ayrton Senna
    1. 1993 European Grand Prix – Not just for That Start, but also for dominating over Prost all day long.
    2. 1988 Japanese Grand Prix – Bad start? No problem, he can win those races too – and he won his first title in the process.
    3. 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix – He finally broke his home duck, and won despite: a gearbox problem, a closing Patrese, and a sudden rainstorm while running on slicks.
    4. 1986 Spanish Grand Prix – One of the closest finishes EVER. Beat Mansell where it counted – at the line.
    5. 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix – A simply dominant first win. And it says something that his first win was also his first Grand Chelem.

    Alain Prost
    1. 1986 Australian Grand Prix – He won the title despite TWO faster Williamses.
    2. 1990 Mexican Grand Prix – He won this race from a distant 13th on the grid.
    3. 1988 French Grand Prix – In McLaren’s golden year, outclassed Senna at home by half a minute.
    4. 1984 German Grand Prix – In a tight title battle, beat out teammate Lauda with pole and FL to boot.
    5. 1993 South African Grand Prix – Wins first race after sabbatical. Why did Ferrari sack him again?

    Nigel Mansell
    1. 1987 British Grand Prix – I’m not sure he was on the right strategy, but he made it work anyway – and embarrassed Piquet in the process as well.
    2. 1992 British Grand Prix – This was Mansellmania at its peak.
    3. 1989 Hungarian Grand Prix – One of the rare occasions where Senna was outsmarted through a backmarker.
    4. 1985 European Grand Prix – Nigel got a bit of luck to lead, but did not shrink from the pressure of winning at home. This race showed he thrived on it.
    5. 1991 British Grand Prix – He was falling behind Senna in the title stakes, but firmly put himself back in the game with this win. And this was the only Grand Chelem Mansell had not in 1992.



    4. 1992 Monaco GP – Immense pressure from Mansell and he didn’t make a single mistake.

    He inherited the win in the closing stages when Mansell had a puncture, otherwise Mansell was at his imperious best for 70 laps, leading by almost half a minute. I know, he had a strong car and all, but even so, it wasn’t one of Senna’s most spectacular races.


    @wsrgo I had that very thought after I clicked post, so I changed it to a more deserving race which I had forgotten… ;)


    The title says memorable that’s why I did it. I may have not understood that well. If it was great wins, yes, I would put 1989 Monaco GP, when he dominated there (won by 50+ seconds from Prost).


    Michael Schumacher
    1. 1996 Spanish GP
    2. 1995 Belgian GP
    3. 1998 Argentina GP
    4. 1997 Belgian GP
    5. 2006 Chinese GP

    Now that was a tough one! Having to pick 5 out of Michael’s 91 great wins was very difficult.


    Fangio’s victory in Germany 1957 has to be the ultimate win of a champion, I don’t know which others where memorable though, bad memory!


    @kingshark I agree with one fact in your Top 5..most of Michael’s best drives came in the late ’90s. IMO it was 1995-1998 that made him a TRUE great..the way he hustled ill-handling cars up the grid was truly mesmerising..


    Totally agree with you.

    Jonny C

    Sebastian Vettel
    1. Italy 2008 – Dominated in the wet, don’t think I could fault any of that weekend for him if I tried!
    2. Italy 2011 – Needed to pass Alonso and get away from DRS, did it, then ran away.
    3. Germany 2013 – Home win, did enough to keep the charging Lotus’ behind.
    4. Abu Dhabi 2010 – Masterful drive, very much deserving win to clinch his first drivers championship.
    5. Japan 2012 – Nobody seemed in the same league as him all weekend.

    Lewis Hamilton
    1. Britain 2008 – Bad quali but made up for it in the race. A great start, clean pass on his team mate, then drove away from the field in the toughest conditions to win on home soil.
    2. Japan 2007 – Worst conditions possible for leading the championship with 3 races to go in your rookie year. Destroyed the field while Alonso threw it in the wall to put himself inches from the championship.
    3. Germany 2008 – Team made the wrong call during the safety car but was so much quicker he pulled back through to win. Sure to say, it was a definite trademark drive from him.
    4. Canada 2007 – First win, completely chaotic race, out classed Alonso, made no mistake all weekend. What more can I say?
    5. USA 2007 + 2012 – ’07 he resisted Alonso and showed him he wouldn’t just move aside for him; ’12 hunted down Vettel all weekend, had one chance and took it.

    Fernando Alonso
    1. San Marino 2005 – Will probably always stick in my head because of the ITV coverage. Few laps to go with Michael hounding down on him, and they cut for adverts… Don’t think I’ve ever been so annoyed at the TV. Have watched it again though, plenty of times, and was a true showing of Alonso’s nerves of steel.
    2. Singapore 2010 – Took pole in a season where Red Bull dominated quali and kept Vettel behind him for lap after lap.
    3. Europe 2012 – Granted he had luck on his side that day, but what an incredible drive through the field at a track not known for its overtaking.
    4. Malaysia 2012 – Still unsure of how Alonso pulled off a win in that car at the start of the season. The joy from the whole team following the finish was beautiful, really shows how much it means to every person who works in the team.
    5. Italy 2010 – Winning at Monza in a Ferrari, can’t really say much more than that.

    Kimi Raikkonnen
    1. Japan 2005 – By far Kimi’s most inspiring drive. The speed he clawed Fisichella in at the end was insane, and the pass round the outside on the last lap is one of my favourites ever
    2. Malaysia 2003 – First win in what wasn’t the best car. Started 7th and was in the lead by lap 14, only losing it again to Barrichello during the pit stops and winning by nearly 40sec.
    3. Belgium 2009 – Only win in a terrible season proved his skills in the Arden Forrest.
    4. Belgium 2004 – Pretty much same.
    5. Australia 2007 – First outing for Ferrari and wins crushingly, leaving the McLarens for dead. One mistake locking up and going wide due to lack of concentration, but otherwise perfect start to his championship year.


    @wsrgo Totally agreed with you there. And that may also explain why a lot of people feel Vettel still needs to prove himself – because he has yet to go through such a period.

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