Channel 4's F1 coverage: What should the theme tune be?

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    For British fans this year it will be farewell to the iconic bass riff of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain as the BBC has relinquished its F1 coverage.

    Now Channel 4 has the tricky decision of what music to use as the prelude for its F1 coverage. Sky adopted Alastair Griffin’s ‘Just Drive’ which I’ve never liked – a soporific tune with dull and obvious lyrics. But this is purely a personal opinion.

    With that in mind, what piece of music or song would you use as an F1 intro theme? Post your suggestions below (but no more than one video per reply please!)

    Here’s mine:


    @keithcollantine I love that, really funky!

    I’d have to go for this, or even a track specially done by Daft Punk:

    It’s electronic, which I think suits an F1 theme, it’s Daft Punk, who produce great music in my opinion and have been involved with F1 and this song happens to be a tribute to Giorgio Moroder, who happens to be the guy who wrote Ivory Tower, which the BBC used as the F1 grid music in the 90s.


    “Get your motor running…”


    A bit retro tune (the song is from 1972) but I have always wanted to hear the first minute of this song as a theme for something, so why not Formula 1 :p


    I would like to see something similar to the star trek enterprise intro, the songs good and would fit well and a similar sequence showing the evolution of the sport would be nice. ttps://youtu.be/TBcXXfzrqco

    Jonathan Balsdon

    I’d like to suggest ‘Granite’ by Pendulum.

    I’d choose to start it at about 0:23 in that video (though it could be started from the beginning), and at about 0:45-0:46, where the bass drops – for want of a better term – I’d envisage some on-screen race lights being extinguished, and the titles getting a bit more fast-paced in terms of action using previous race footage if possible, but if not, some CGI would do.


    It does really depend on the feeling they want on their coverage.
    I can imagine they may want to use a very modern song, using OFCOM research they have the younger demographic of the 5 main channels (BBC 1, BBC2, ITV, C4, C5)

    Iestyn Davies

    @mathers That would be very good for Formula E; maybe they didn’t have the licensing budget..

    Perfect for US F1 coverage! @diceman Has to be a 70’s TV show that one ;) maybe a crime drama?

    Takes me back a few years. Would definitely be a good choice for the younger age bracket that F1 is currently struggling to attract.

    Now I just need to find that thread with the last round of suggestions for F1 theme tunes :P


    Love Pendulum suggestion, but it might be just a bit too aggressive. In the meantime, Daft Punk suggestion gave me another idea with a more recent Moroder work, which accidentally is already about racing –



    Dangerous by David Guetta, written for Rush, the James Hunt/Niki Lauda film


    I think I posted this to another similar thread, but I’ll post it again :P

    It has to be that one. Period.

    Djangles LeVaughn

    Kavinsky – Protovision

    Rob James

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