Charles Pic sideways at 130r

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    paul vinter

    I was lucky enough to see the Japanese Grand prix live last weekend with seats on 130r. I have yet to see the race on TV yet but from what I have seen the moment Pic had at 130r on lap two or three wasn’t broadcast. In short he got it almost sideways at 200mph. Screaming tyres, smoke everywhere and he then recovered it all in the space of about a second and a half. Most dramatic moment of the race for me.

    I believe he came in for new tyres early on and that would be why. Am I right in thinking this fantastic recovery wasn’t shown live?


    @paulyv You’re correct: I have seen a picture of it, but it wasn’t shown by the FOM.

    paul vinter


    It was shocking to watch… I have no idea how he recovered it. He earned an impromptu round of applause from all in the stand.



    It’s things like that which you only get from being at a race live. Like at Albert Park in 2009. After the contact at Turn 1, the marshals all rushed onto the track to clear up the debris to the cheers of the crowds in the grandstands and were back behind the barriers before Button had rounded the final corner.


    And Alonso’s Tyre smokin pass on Rosberg into Rivage at Spa this year, no cameras caught it and the commentators didn’t even notice the order change despite it being critical for his race strategy!


    Looks similar to Kobayashi’s miraculous save from a couple of years ago at the same corner – I’ve never found another replay of it.

    I’ve seen these kind of saves (although not as extreme) more often with the longer wheelbase cars.

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