Cheapest way to watch Sky next year – £175 and it’s legal!


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    Edited by moderator: For more on the cheapest way to watch Sky in 2012 see here: Sky explain cheapest deal for F1 channel in 2012

    Ok, I have done some digging and can legally watch all GPs for £175 (except Bahrain – if you want to watch the snoozefest, add £35) , which is much less than Keith’s estimate of £363.

    Drawbacks: you have to be able to stream it through your internet.

    Here’s how you do it:

    Buy a £35 monthly sky go ticket http://www.sky.com/shop/tv/sky-go/monthly-pass-upgrade/ on:

    March 16th
    June 8th
    July 20th
    September 8th * You’ll miss Monza FP 1&2, but then get two GPs for £35 this month
    October 26th

    I have been quizzing Sky today about what you need to do for it – you only need a sky login (free, just sign up). No subscription. No additional costs.


    And they confirmed that the £35 will include the F1 channel.


    And that way Sky wins and we never get the FTA coverage back. Don’t take their carrots, don’t give them your money, however enticing they make it.

    You know how sky operates, this year, maybe next, it’s ‘free’ with the certain other packages. Then a couple of pound charge will creep in and you’ll think, oh, only a couple of pounds a month, I won’t miss that. Then in creeps up and it creeps up and your paying a full subscription to them. Then they own F1 and you. They’ve won.

    This must be a failure for the long term good of F1.


    Still don’t fancy paying 175 for a stream, that I likely won’t receive in great quality, and my connection will probably interupt. Still, good if you want it.


    Justin.tv it is.


    @david-a Or vipbox.


    @peteleeuk – Even if you don’t pay, the non-F1 fans will. That’s how this works – they can pay for it using their existing subscribers and a few of the new ones. It’s nice to think that not subscribing to Sky will force them to give it back to FTA, but that didn’t happen with football, and it won’t happen here.


    It didn’t happen with football, because there was never full live FTA coverage of the premiership (or Champions League for that matter). In the case of football, Sky is providing a useful service as there’s simply no way that the sheer volume of matches could all be shown on BBC and ITV within the public service mandate.

    F1 on the other hand has always been Free to Air and should remain thus, it’s got a great audience in a hard to fill timeslot and even at this reduced price, you end up paying too much for the limited number of races. £175 is still more than my entire license fee.

    colin grayson

    seems not enough people would pay in germany , so Sky are reported to be dropping out , word is that Sky UK will have to get an extra 150,000 subscribers to pay for F1

    so don’t pay …just get a cheapo dish . point at Astra 19.2 and watch the missing 10 races on RTL from germany


    Does anyone know if RTL stream live?


    Yes they do but their coverage must be the worst in europe.


    Anyone know if Sky Go is blocked to non-UK IP addresses? The BBC blocks access to F1 clips if you’re outside the UK.


    @braisim Not sure, i suspect so. However it’s quite easy to get around such blocks. Same goes for iplayer.


    Not wishing to spoil the party, but Sky told me the F1 channel will not be available at launch to people who are subscribed to the Sky Go Monthly Ticket – I was told it will be for Sky dish subscribers only.

    So the long and short of it is, we can’t really be sure until March…


    For those who say that’s too much, 175 pounds over the course of a year is 14.5 pounds per month. Don’t eat out twice a month and you have that extra money saved. There ya go. Problem solved.

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