Pre-race press conferences: What would you ask?

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    To Jules Bianchi: Caterham has made the public very aware of their early-season slump and since the publicly announced updates, have overtaken Marussia in pace. Do you feel Marussia is doing enough to stay with Caterham right now?

    To Romain Grosjean: The last time a Frenchman won the Monaco GP was 1996, what would it mean to you to win on Sunday?

    To Lewis, Jenson and Adrian, last year, McLaren was ahead of Mercedes, who themselves battled with Force India through the season. So far, your three teams have similar race pace and luck. Did you imagine that before the season started?

    To Alain Prost: The last 10 years, Renault-powered cars won 5 races here, yet, in your years with Renault power, you never won here. Does that influence your expectations of this weekend? And, which Renault powered car do you consider more likely to win here?

    To Paul Hembery: You’re sitting amongst team members who have both criticized your current tyres and the changes you proposed. Does this give you any extra pressure going into a weekend or simply walking on the paddock?


    There should be a really rude or cynical journalist, someone who would ask questions like these –

    Jenson Button (McLaren) – “So Jenson, you won here in 2009 with a dominant Brawn. Any chance of you repeating that result sometime in your career?”

    Paul Di Resta (Force India) – “Paul, I heard that Ferrari are looking for a replacement for Felipe Massa for 2014. Who do you think is the best candidate for the job?”

    Felipe Massa (Ferrari) – “Felipe, you’ve never won here before and seem highly unlikely to ever do so. How do you keep your motivation high during the weekend?”

    Pastor Maldonado (Williams) – “Pastor, are you keen on bringing out the safety car this weekend?”

    Charles Pic (Caterham) – “What is your target for this weekend? Points or just to finish in front of the rest of the backmarkers?”

    Jean-Eric Vergne (Toro Rosso) – “Your dont seem awfully popular here… although you are french. Why?”


    I would ask all of them “Is James Allison joining your team?”, repeatedly, until somebody says yes.


    With drivers’ session gone it doesn’t make sense to “ask” anything.

    But for Alain Prost, this:

    As a driver, Monaco GP is always special. Has it been special after your driving career, whether you have been just a spectator, team owner or in your current role as an advisor?


    After an incident-packed Monaco Grand Prix I’m hoping we’ll see Grosjean, Ricciardo, Perez, Raikkonen, Chilton and Maldonado in the Canadian Grand Prix press conference…


    That would be good. But looking through the drivers so far involved, only two of them have been only once: Chilton and Maldonado. “Good” thing that they collided with each other, though I may see that Chilton has to wait until Britain.


    @keithcollantine We would see something like that:


    Here’s who will be facing the press in Canada and this time it’s the Friday press conference which may be of most interest:

    Thursday: Maldonado, Massa, Pic, Rosberg, van der Garde, Vergne
    Friday: Brawn, Domenicali, Hembery, Horner, Kaltenborn, Whitmarsh


    Great line-up for Friday!!


    And there will be blood… I say Hembery and Brawn can beat Horner and Domenicali



    ( ( Brawn vs Horner vs Domenicali ) vs Hembery ) vs Whitmarsh

    Kaltenborn?? why is there

    Can’t wait for friday, it will be more interesting than the race … it may be the first time that team principal comes to hand…


    If we have anything like this:

    I will be tuning in…


    “Ross, on a scale of one to ten, how guilty are you?”


    Duh! I was attempting to embed the following:



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