Pre-race press conferences: What would you ask?

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    Charlie Whiting: You have faced intense pressure from Red Bull regarding the technical directives the FIA have issued. As one of the figureheads of the technical regulations, is there anything you would like to say to everyone regarding this? Do you feel they should concentrate more on complying with these regulations and running the car in a legal manner rather than trying to exploit loopholes, or do you enjoy seeing these teams running at the limit, even if it ends up giving you grief?


    Alonso: Have you been on the phone with Flavio lately?

    Sutil: Do you have any special memories to any Chinese GP?

    Arai: Does Honda feel any pressure now some media are denouncing the new engine formula only 3 races in?

    Fry: Which do you expect to be closer right now; your last victory, or your next?

    James Whiteley

    Kimi, is there any point in me asking you a question?

    Theo Parkinson

    So Alonso, what size Mclaren hat do you wear.


    Are direct questions to Charlie Whiting allowed?
    Or do you have to ask one of the others to “tell Charlie” or “get on to Charlie” about something…


    A well-chosen line-up for this weekend’s first press conference following the Belgian Grand Prix drama:

    Fernando Alonso
    Valtteri Bottas
    Max Chilton
    Lewis Hamilton
    Kevin Magnussen
    Nico Rosberg

    What would you ask, and to who?


    To Lewis and Nico, and Fernando and Kevin… Before we start, would you like to fight it out in some form of tag-team wrestling session? Maybe Lewis and Fernando can renew your working relationship!


    i’d ask chilton if his cheque for belgium was big enough to secure his seat for the rest of the season.

    magnussen on his future at mclaren.

    hamilton and rosberg if they’re still friends.

    bottas on how big his chances for winning in monza are.

    Craig Woollard

    I’d ask Chilton two things:

    How much money from behind the sofa did he have to find for Belgium,

    How did Marussia deal with the situation where you stupidly took yourself and Jules out? Should Mercedes have learned from that?


    To Nico – if you are running 2nd behind Lewis on Lap 1, what will your approach be?
    To Fernando – if you are that keen on leaving Ferrari, who do you think will take you?
    To Max – how happy can you be when your dad’s funding your entire career?
    To Valtteri – has Ferrari been on the phone to you yet?
    To Lewis – how fed up are you of having to answer media questions?
    I have nothing to ask Kevin.


    All bar one of the champions in the drivers’ conference on Thursday, but the seven-way brawl in the teams’ conference could be the most exciting action of the weekend.

    What would you ask this lot bout the season finale, the title fight, double points, Caterham’s crowdfunded return and the eternal question of costs and revenue distribution?


    Lewis Hamilton
    Nico Rosberg
    Sebastian Vettel
    Fernando Alonso
    Jenson Button
    Nico Hulkenberg


    Rob Fernley (Force India)
    Christian Horner (Red Bull)
    Monisha Kaltenborn (Sauber)
    Gerard Lopez (Lotus)
    Marco Mattiacci (Ferrari)
    Clarie Williams (Williams)
    Toto Wolff (Mercedes)

    Iestyn Davies

    To the drivers: So, which of you is the weakest driver? :P

    Or, to Hulk: So, which top drivers would you beat if you were their team-mate?

    The the teams: Are the ‘big 4’ going to bully the ‘smaller 3’ in terms of speaking time today?


    To Sebastian, Fernando and Jenson. You’re in a group of five current drivers that have won world championships. If Nico takes the title on Sunday, would you consider him as a worthy addition to this elite group?


    That’s a mighty strong line-up for Thursday.

    To Hamilton and Rosberg: Both of you have had quite a year, what is the most important lesson you learned this season?

    To Button and Alonso: You have both been in F1 for more than ten seasons, do you think you will continue your racing career once you retire from Formula 1? *wink*

    To Vettel: You have been very outspoken about the regulation changes this year; if you could make only one change to the technical regulations for 2015, what would it be?

    To Hülkenberg: First of all, you are awesome. Secondly, Force India has been in the top five constructors for the majority of 2014, is it realistic to expect Force India to be in the top five constructors next year?


    To Jenson:

    Jenson, you seem to be in a very unfortunate position regarding your contractual situation. You have also been linked with seats in both Porsche and Toyota of the WEC. And now a vacancy as just opened at Audi as well, Tom Kristensen having announced retirement from the sport. So, finally, if you were to go to the WEC, which of these teams would you choose and why?

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