Classic F1 races (from the BBC)

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    Chris H

    A few years ago, the BBC were broadcasting classic F1 races on the red button before practice and qualifying sessions.
    They have been putting up the odd ones this year, and I have managed to find a lot of the previous ones shown on the Red Button, along with others too….all hosted on their website, for free, and there are hundreds of videos which are all still available to view!

    They are highlights packages (its the BBC, so we are used to that by now ;) ) of either 10 minutes long or extended versions of up to 45 minutes long. With races going back to the late 70’s, and even a few from the sixties, they all come complete with the original commentary from Murray / Hunt / Brundle, etc.
    In the case of the extended highlights, they come complete with the original BBC intro’s with The Chain blaring over them and the race intros by Murray et all!
    Having only been watching F1 since 2003, and religiously since 2005/6, to me this is an absolute goldmine given the sub-standard commentary on the official F1 season reviews.

    For anybody interested, I have put together a spreadsheet with links to all of the races that I have found, which can be found here:


    Note: they are only available to people in the UK.


    This website has all previous BBC races: http://www.huwselby.com/f1/f1vids.htm


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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