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    All this Siberian weather that has flummoxed the country (UK) in the past few weeks have got me wondering what the coldest temperature an F1 race has been held at?

    I remember last season (2009) that temperatures at the Nurburgring hit about 10 degrees C in FP, has there been a colder session or race?


    The UK is hilarious when it comes to snow. An inch, maybe two, of snow completely destabilises the capital of what used to be a massive empire – schools and unis are closed, public transport goes berserk, everyone is late etc.

    ‘Siberian weather’ – please. The day I left for London (around a week ago), Warsaw was hit by temperatures reaching -20. In comparison, today’s 3 degrees in London is quite warm.

    Not that I wouldn’t prefer 20 degrees; I’m just saying I find the British attitude towards snow hilarious :).

    On a side note, who else thinks that letting F1 cars race on ice would be epic?


    I was being ironic. Britain used to get weather like this all the time in the mid-10th Century and in the Victorian era yet we seem to be defeated by a sprinkling of the white stuff. :)

    I remember BMW Sauber as they were had a demo in Switzerland once on ice and Buemi went “skating” on a frozen lake in Canada. Yes, F1 on Ice would be epic indeed :)


    Okay, so not necessarily a race weekend, but Alonso tested a Renault at Silverstone in the snow once. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZzryRaXw-A

    And I definitely remember a video about F2 from the 70s/80s that Keith posted in the round-up once where a race got snowed off it was simply that bad.


    It was 37*C at the Adelaide Oval yesterday, and I got pretty badly sunburnt.

    …oh, sorry. I don’t have anything productive to add to the discussion, just wanted to brag!

    Ned Flanders

    Presumably it’ll be one of the race at the start of the European leg of the season. I remember there was a risk of snow once for the Friday practice sessions at Imola in 2001. And remember when some genius made the decision to hold the 2000 British GP was held in April- I bet that was chilly!

    Red Andy

    …oh, sorry. I don’t have anything productive to add to the discussion, just wanted to brag!

    You’ll not be bragging by the end of the match…GO ENGLAND!

    Seriously, though, wish I was there. Hope you enjoy.


    Nrburgring 1995 was very cold what I can remember. But I can’t say whether it was coldest or not. The race was held on October 1st which was probably not the most sensible time in the area.


    I don’t know for certain but in the 1978 Canadian GP was so cold the drivers had to wear winter coats and hats on the podium.It was held in October which is probably cold in Quebec.

    Here’s Gilles Villeneuve on the podium that day.



    I wish they would hold a Grand Prix in a cooler climate at the tail end of the season to challenge the drivers and teams with tires. Variety is a good thing in F1.


    @Cairan Walsh

    That’s a Canadian wearing a racing suit after vigorously driving an F1 car and still running on the adrenalin of winning a GP. Must’ve been exceptionally cold.

    Out of the current races, I would guess that Spa when it’s raining would be pretty cold, and quite chilly even when dry. Canada would also be a contender.

    Winter testing is probably when the cars are run in the coolest weather, especially Jerez in the 2010 pre season tests when it was raining.


    Anyone who attended Silverstone 2008 would probably remember how bloody cold the early hours of Sunday morning felt. With the wind gusting and the rain continuing to pour it was more like the middle of November than the usual summer showers!

    sbl on tour

    silverstone 2000, it mightnt have that cold , but boy was it wet and mucky


    <quote>It was 37*C at the Adelaide Oval yesterday, and I got pretty badly sunburnt.

    …oh, sorry. I don’t have anything productive to add to the discussion, just wanted to brag!</quote>

    I was also at the Adelaide Oval for the test. I wish I had have known, it would have been good to meet up.

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