Comparing Vettel vs Hamilton… on any fact you want.

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    Omar R

    Hi! Much is discussed about who of them is the best… as I said the other day, I find almost impossible to answer that. So let’s comment on other facts, anything you want, but let’s try to keep the debate fair and calm ok?

    I’ll start with two facts, then you can keep going on another, or mention, in your opinion, which one can replace my choice or someone else’s choice:

    Vettel: on Alonso in Monza, on the outside and with two tyres on the dirt…

    Hamilton: on Button in Turkey, and especially thrilling after Vettel crashed Webber

    Vettel: After swearing on the podium with Kimi (don’t remember when)
    Hamilton: After lying to the stewards in Australia 2009.

    Your turn.


    Hamilton: China 2011 when he overtook four different cars in spectacular style at the end, none of which in the DRS zone.
    Vettel: Brazil 2012. With championship on the line he was sent to the back of the pack early on but remarkably kept his cool and just tore through the field, was quickly right on Alonso and then drove faultless in tricky conditions.

    Hamilton: Missing the red flag and running into the back of Raikkonen in Canada ’08.
    Vettel: Crashing into his team-mate in Turkey 2010.

    And I believe that swearing controversy happened at Abu Dhabi 2012.

    Omar R

    Vettel: When his car got on fire in Korea 2010. Honestly, that day I thought his WDC challenge was over.
    Hamilton: When he got stuck in China 2007 on that tiny piece of gravel. He would have been champion easily without that thing.


    Yeah, but unlike Vettel, Hamilton was at fault there.


    Both have won some/all of their races with 1 engine brand for 2 different teams.

    I don’t think China 2007 was his fault, for the same reasons Monaco 2015 was.


    Hamilton: likes animals
    Vettel: likes babies


    Hamilton: At the age 22, he qualifies fourth in a McLaren-Mercedes at the 2007 Australian GP. He passes his double world champion team mate at the first corner although he loses out to Alonso after the final pit stops, nonetheless he finishes third, the first rookie to finish on the podium in his first race for 11 years.
    Vettel: At the age of 19 (he turned 20 a few weeks later), he qualifies seventh in a BMW Sauber at the 2007 US GP. He loses places after running wide at the first corner, nonetheless he finishes eighth (albeit helped by retirements from team-mate Heidfeld and Nico Rosberg) to become IIRC the youngest driver to score a point at the time.

    In my opinion think Hamilton edges this one, though I would say that Vettel’s age and equipment (the 2007 BMW was a good car, not) should be taken into consideration. However, Vettel was not ahead of Heidfeld at any point during the race whereas Hamilton was running ahead of Alonso for most of his debut, and he finished one place above where he qualified (which I would say is actually more difficult in a top car) whereas Vettel finished one place lower than where he started even allowing for failures from two drivers who would have finished above him.

    I should add that although the 2007 US GP was Vettel’s first race, his first participation in a Grand Prix, his first race weekend was actually the 2006 Turkish GP where he ran in practice as BMW’s third driver. His chance came following the promotion of Robert Kubica to the race team, funnily enough in place of Jacques Villeneuve, who was the last rookie prior to Hamilton to finish on the podium in his first grand prix!

    Iestyn Davies


    Both Hamilton and Vettel were signed by junior teams in 1998. Hamilton to McLaren-Mercedes, Vettel to Red Bull Juniors. I believe that RBR always had a plan to establish themselves in F1 before Vettel came of age, while Mercedes probably had an idea of McLaren, as was shown to be the case, or a works return, which included two other drivers with links to their junior operation: Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher.


    I was checking Wikipedia’s long list of F1 Driver’s records and the 2 are so close – I think they both realize the difference between them is defined more by the car than their abilities. However, the win at Austin was very impressive by Lewis over Seb but it could have also gone the other way. They are both very special drivers – in a way they are almost like the Ronaldo and Messi of F1 and we can just sit back and enjoy this.

    So foolish of McLaren and Red Bull to “alienate” both drivers. There’s no doubt when Ron Dennis and Christian Horner look back this will be one of their greatest mistakes in both their illustrious careers.


    @freelittlebirds I think RBR didn’t really alienate VET more than Ferrari one day coming and asking VET to join in terms of how it affected VET’s career choice for this year.


    @davidnotcoulthard Yes but I doubt Vettel would have said yes had Red Bull not let him down last year. Sure Seb’s bad luck and Daniel are as much to blame as Horner but you don’t ask the driver that has won you 4 championships to let the other driver by more than once. You simply don’t – you owe him that much. You back your winning horse and Seb has been that for Red Bull. Christian created the dynamic for Seb to leave and he seemed sort of ok with it when Seb told him he’s leaving – he never said that “I’ll do anything I can to keep Seb – as far as I’m concerned he’s Red Bull. He’s not going anywhere” That might have made Seb stay for a few more years – after all, Scuderia Ferrari would have come a-knocking again for such a talented driver.



    – Vettel drove a dominant car in 2011 and 2013.
    – Vettel drove the outright best car in 2010 and 2012.
    – Vettel drove a car slightly inferior to the best in 2009.
    – Vettel drove a capable race winner but not WDC contender in 2014 and 2015.
    – Vettel drove a midfield car in 2008.

    – Hamilton drove and dominant car in 2014 and thus far 2015.
    – Hamilton drove the equal best car in 2007 and 2008.
    – Hamilton drove a slightly inferior to the best car in 2010 and 2012.
    – Hamilton drove a capable race winner but not WDC contender in 2009, 2011 & 2013.

    I didn’t include Vettel’s 2007 because he drove for 2 different teams, and less than half (8/17) of the season.


    Any fact you say?

    Vettel went Blonde in August 2013, a full 2 years before Hamilton achieved the same feat.

    Omar R

    @benh hahaha that one made me laugh!


    @omarr-pepper you should also like this addednum:

    In accomplishing this feat, they have both beaten Ayrton Senna’s record of 0 blonde appearances in an F1 car.

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