Could this be Hamilton’s last year in a McLaren??

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    Well it’s certainly going to be a major topic of discussion this year So I thought I would get the ball rolling.
    Last year rumours were circling over Hamilton switching to Red Bull for 2013, due to McLaren’s consistent failure in producing a consistently fast car.
    Hamilton did also strongly hint to the fact that McLaren’s performance in 2012 could strongly influence his decision for the future.
    So, do we reckon that if McLaren fail to produce a competitive, consistent car for the fourth season in a row , that it will Influence into LH to look for a drive elsewhere??
    Where could he go?? the two options I personally I think he has are Mercedes GP if they are competitive this season and MSC decides to retire or Red Bull if Webber is not there for 2013.
    I will turn this over to you guys, what do you reckon??


    There is already a topic about this: Will Hamilton ever leave McLaren?

    I’ll make a post there to bump it up the list and close this one.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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