Could Vettel actually win the WCC on his own?

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    Hi everyone.
    Since Vettel has such a massive points lead on everyone, and finished with more points then any other team, I thought: How would he do if Red Bull only raced his car?
    So I did a bit of number crunching and recalculated the championship standings without Webber, for the top three teams.
    Here are the final points for the top three teams with Webber excluded from all races.
    Ferrari: 391
    Red Bull: 397
    Hamilton: 400
    So Vettel would on his own, be within 3 points (as he would win on countback) of winning the WCC.
    I couldn’t be bothered to count in all the other drivers, but the points for the 5 drivers in the 3 top teams would look like this:
    Vettel: 397
    Alonso: 261
    Hamilton: 207
    Rosberg: 193
    Massa: 130

    Iestyn Davies

    It would be interesting to see if Raikkonen would best Hamilton and Rosberg there with two races less. But that’s a very interesting look at how far ahead RB are of the rest of the field, to match two car teams with one car! They do outspend those two teams in a ratio of 3:2, and their total WCC score probably reflects that. Vettel’s one car success reminds me of Brabham in the 80’s when Bernie focussed on Piquet quite a lot of the time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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