Damon Hill joins Sky’s F1 coverage team


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    This just came in from Sky:

    Sky Sports has signed former Formula 1 world champion Damon Hill to help take viewers into the heart of the sport.

    Damon will provide expert analysis on Sky Sports F1 HD throughout the season, including the first Grand Prix from Melbourne in March.

    He will join the line-up of talent unveiled last month and will appear throughout coverage of practice and qualifying sessions as well as races. Sky Sports F1 HD will be the only place viewers can enjoy live coverage of the whole Grand Prix season, including all practice and qualifying sessions and every race in the calendar.

    Sky Sports Executive Producer for Formula 1 Martin Turner, said: “Damon Hill is a British motor racing legend and has incredible Formula 1 knowledge and insight. He will provide our viewers with not just a driver’s eye view, but also that of a world champion. There aren’t many around and I’m delighted we’ll have Damon with us during the season.”

    Speaking about his new role, Damon said: “The plans Sky Sports have for Formula 1 are very impressive particularly the dedicated Formula 1 channel and I couldn’t resist becoming involved. There are so many reasons to be excited about the new season and I can’t wait to get started.”


    I feel my childhood hero has somehow betrayed me…
    …and I’d just decided 100% on BBC!


    Again, this would be exciting for me if the only options for getting the F1 channel didn’t include having to pay for all of the Sky Sports stuff together. If Sky set the channel up on Freeview and charged a subscription fee just for that channel, I would be all over that.

    Dan Thorn

    Hill has always struck me as slightly…boring, so this news does little to get me excited. I’m sure he’ll do a fine job though.


    Assuming that I’ll be streaming the races, I suppose having the best people at sky is still going to benefit me. But as a stream will be poor quality, I will be watching BBC for their 10 live races. And it is sad to think that in terms of presenters/commentators they will have a weaker team. It’s a lose-lose situation. Poor quality when I watch the sky races and then weaker coverage in general for the BBC.


    Oh Joy!….He was Rubbish on the original Pay per View F1 channel and he’ll probably be just as rubbish on Sky, next they’ll announce John Watson as well and I won’t be able to watch any of the live coverage!


    Good stuff, slightly biased as he was my childhood hero, but usually speaks his mind.


    I got a good deal for myself by Sky, because we threatened to either cancel or reduce our existing Sky package because we felt we were paying far to much for the channels we actually watched, I don’t have sky sports that meant I was in the same boat as many still are however because of the threat of losing a customer we stated the fact that we were getting a 3D tv with HD therfore they offered us a new Sky +HD box plus the HD package for nothing! So that means one more year of technically free F1, If any of you do have Sky, do try and threaten to cancell! They are usually very giving when you threaten to leave! I hope this helps anyone! I am not sure whether I will watch soley Sky F1 or watch both Sky and BBC!? Practice will probably be on the BBC and the main races on Sky!


    Sky are assembling quite a team now. Getting intrigued as to how their coverage will be.


    Good to know that he will be back on the F1 circus after the great things he achieved with the BRDC.

    Looking forward to Sky’s coverage.

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