Day three experience at Jerez

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    Greg Kingston

    Another good day at the test – we cut it short once we learned that the McLaren wasn’t coming back out. Goodness, it sounded much better today – still a little clunky on some of the shifts but so much improved. It has quite a distinctive note to it – a bit angrier than the Mercedes but not quite as rich a note.

    There was some fun on the drying track, and a few drivers found it pretty challenging into the chicane at turn 10. Alonso kept the crowd amused with a few power slides down there before coming off the intermediates.

    The Mercedes still looks to be driving well within itself, but once again the Sauber looked pretty decent. It was another dull, overcast day – a bit warmer than yesterday but there was a really stiff breeze too which must’ve made things a little more tricky for the drivers.

    We’re flying back tomorrow afternoon, so that’s testing finished for me. Time to negotiate with the other half to catch the last test in Barcelona… :)

    A few more photos from today – full set here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gregkingston/sets/72157648292254924/

    I thought I’d try and look inside the cockpits onto the steering wheels today. Quite a lot of variety.

    <img src=”https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7449/15815439833_c1dd3dcdaf_z.jpg
    ” alt=”” />


    Hi Greg, just out of curiosity, how much louder are the new cars? And how much louder is the Honda (when it eventually ran) than the rest of the field?

    Greg Kingston

    They’re easily twice as loud as Jerez last year, but that’s not a fair comparison as they got louder as last season went on. I don’t think the engines would really worry anyone sitting in the stands, but there were a couple of times (a couple only) in the past three days when, close to the track, you’d think that you’d like ear defenders.

    Of course, put 18 cars on near enough the same piece of track and it will soon get loud enough. For me, the way the cars sound this year should utterly end the debate that started at the beginning of last season. They sound good, they all sound different, they sound interesting and they sound loud enough but you’re still able to hear the turbo, gearbox and tyres. Pretty much spot on at the moment.


    Thanks for your trip reports, Greg. You got some great photos there.

    Iestyn Davies


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