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    What has been the defining moments of the season so far, I mean when we look back in a few years time at the 2014 season and try to work out were the critical moments were what would you say for me (after the Singapore race) it would be:

    Melbourne – Mercedes have a serious competitive advantage over the rest of the teams
    Bahrain – Hamilton beats Rosberg in close wheel to wheel race
    Monaco – Rosberg arguably affected by losing a 25 point lead in the drives championship makes a mistake in qualifying
    Hungary – Hamilton disobeys a team order to let Rosberg past
    Singapore – Hamilton wipes out Rosberg 29 point lead in the drivers championship after wins in Monza and Singapore

    Any other views?


    Testing: Mercedes has got blQQdy good engines, Renault rubbish engines.


    You mention only defining moments for when Hamilton clinches the world title. That’s too premature for me.


    Sorry your right I hadn’t noticed that (LOL) any way what would your defining moments be from Romberg’s point of view? as in view only Rosberg or Hamilton will win the drivers championship

    Theo Parkinson

    Melbourne: Ricciardo and Red Bull actually being good after a nightmare winter.
    Bahrain: The battle between the Mercedes drivers.
    Monaco: Qualifying controversy. Bianchi in the points
    Canada: Ricciardo breaks Mercedes’ run.
    Hungary: Qualifying goes horrible wrong for Hamilton. Hamilton being given team orders after already being put on a worse strategy.
    Belgium: The contact between Nico and Lewis.
    Singapore: A nightmare for Rosberg but a dream come true for Hamilton.


    It’s hard to ignore Ricciardo’s wins this season; I’m sure there were skeptics in the pre-season since Vergne is not a bad driver, but it’s hard to imagine Ricciardo going through his F1 career without winning a championship. I think this season is going to be that reminder of how quickly he showed his greatness despite moving to a new team with a four-time world champion.

    As far as the defining point for the Mercedes team goes… I think that’s yet to come. Or heck, maybe it was in Singapore and we just don’t know it yet.


    That’s true I have been thinking about what I posted and should have added non Mercedes stuff, for example as Theo says Bianchi scoring points in Monaco that could give them the vital 10th place in the constructors championship maybe even 9th if Sauber don’t score anything (unless of course there is a surprise yet to come with could happen massive first corner accident/ guessing the weather right etc). I was thinking about something I heard/ read on coverage that when two drivers are in a fight for the world title they some how “lift” there game above everyone else and that radio transmition from Rosberg after he was told he wasn’t on pole, was very telling about how stressful the mental challenge is going to get the closer to the end of the season we get, i.e just one mistake could be the difference between success and failure


    Spa: Lap 1 contact said everything. Rosberg showed his true colours, after trying to hide them all year.

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