Daniil Kvyat is super mature

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    A nice, thoughtful interview + passion for racing:

    Prisoner Monkeys

    And yet, people insist that Sergey Sirotkin is too young for Formula 1. If someone as young as Kvyat can display this kind of attitude (and personality!), then I don’t see why someone less than a year younger than him, who has lived in similar circumstances, cannot.

    I see it all the time in my classes – Year 10 and 11 students showing the attitude of Year 12s – and I teach kids younger than Sirotkin and Kvyat.


    He does come across as being wise beyond his years. Sounds like he is taking nothing for granted and is keeping his feet welded to the ground, sensible stuff from the youngster.

    Iestyn Davies

    And he was only two tenths off Ricciardo in P1, this boy will definitely go far. He is making all the right signals – in the car and out of the car.

    If Red Bull need a replacement for Vettel in a few years, he is definitely shaping up to be that replacement – and if not then it’s a shoot-out between him and Ricciardo for the second RB seat. If Kvyat won that battle then you would have to feel he could challenge Vettel.

    DK could definitely be Russia’s first WDC in waiting ATM. I think you are right @prisoner-monkeys in that it always depends on the individual here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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