Does Nico Rosberg have what it takes to be a top, top driver?

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    Ok I know we’re only very very early on into the season, but this is an interesting question which has been made even more topical by the fact Nico’s start to the year has been shall we say, scrappy, at best.

    The last two years when the Mercedes has been a fairly average car he has outperformed Schumacher, particularly in qualifying although Michael has often been quicker in races. Now they seem to have a much stronger package and it is Schumacher who has put in the impressive qualy performances, while Nico has choked a bit ruining his hot lap within the first two or three corners in Q3 both at Albert Park and today in Malaysia.

    I don’t what to think to be honest, people like Fisichella and Frentzen were great in average cars and then when they got a car capable of challenging for titles and wins they were nowhere. Is Rosberg going to be a nearly man like them? If not he better up his game soon because Michael certainly seems to have done so from the last two seasons.

    Fer no.65

    Too early to say, really, but I must say I’ve been massively dissapointed with his performance so far.

    He got a serious chance to start in the leading rows at Melbourne, yet he just cooked it up, and locked badly on his way to turn 3. Then today, he made a mistake and was half a second down in the first sector alone, while Michael was 1 tenth faster than Hamilton in the very same bit of the track.

    He was so far ahead in qualyfing compared to his team mate and now he’s 2 down, must be something to think about. Same with Vettel and Mark, Seb just doesn’t look very comfortable with the car right now in qualy.


    He could turn out to be a bit like Kovalainen – capable of getting the most out of a car, so long as that car isn’t one of the best on the grid! It’s too early to dismiss his solid performances over the last two years after one and a half Grands Prix, though. Maybe he’s just taking some time to get used to the car, which could suit Schumacher’s style more than his.


    I think he’s about where he is. I think he’s probably around the same level as Webber at best to be honest. I was never convinced on him. Still not convinced. He couldn’t even overtake a Red Bull that had lost 100bhp.


    Well, I have heard that the Mercedes is more tail-happy so that might be something that affects him. As of now I think it is too early to say. Nico, is a very fast driver, but he lacks some qualities that can make his one of the best.


    It seems Shui has got the team and the car built round himself now
    Reminds me of his time at Ferrari
    Nico will have to get back on terms asap
    Otherwise he will be the number 2 driver

    Ivan Lins

    I think he trully feels he can beat the mclarens in qualy so he overdrives his mercedes but in the end is grandpa Michael who performs at his best


    I would agree with the above. Nico downfall is the fact the car has been tailored around Schumacher. As you remember during the first two years nico did better but gradually worse due to car improvements tailored to schumi


    He’s the type of driver that can be very, very good (China 2010) or very, very bad (Monaco 2011). Ironically, it was his debut race that was his most spectacular to date.

    I think he’s the type of driver who’s good enough to win races or even be champion if the car is ahead of everyone else’s, otherwise probably not. I rate him equal to Webber or Massa before his accident.

    I think Rosberg will win 6-12 races in his career. There might be a championship in there, but I’m not sure if he’ll do it.

    He’ll win a race sometime, champion? Maybe.

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