Does Ricciardo deserve a top seat?

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    After seeing Perez get dropped from Mclaren with 35 points and Paul Di Resta looking shaky at Force india with 48 points do you think Ricciardo has been lucky to get the red bull seat?. In reality he has only scored 6 points more than Vergne.

    Even though Im not a Di Resta fan I hope Force India keep him over Sutil, He has easily out scored him and Sutil really has had his time.

    Max Jacobson

    I think Ricciardo is better than perhaps his results show. He has immense speed, and just needs polishing in the races. However, he’ll need to perform right away or Kvyat will be breathing down his neck.


    I honestly think that Ricciardo will surprise Vettel in qualifying next season. In the race however, I’m not so sure. His racecraft is shaky at best.

    Yaya Ishaq

    I’m gonna stick my neck out and say I don’t think he does just yet. Sure he’s proven in the latter half of the year that he is better than JEV but I’m not sure he’s prepared for Red Bull just yet. To be honest I actually think it’s a bit sad that a genuine talent like Hulkenberg is being ignored for the Red Bull seat for political reasons just because he’s not part of their “programme” or whatever they call it.

    I’m starting to get the feeling that Red Bull took him mainly to vindicate that scheme and not really because of his talent.


    Yes he does and I disagree with the last post- but he now needs to proves he does!
    Dan has as much, and if not more talent than The Hulk. I rate Nico very highly and was so dissapointed Ferrari didnt take him and now frustrated with the Quantam (or whoever deal) that he may miss out again.

    Checo now in the same boat as Nico, wait (or get sacked) too late and you miss the next best seat.

    I can see where people may doubt Dan’s ability or justify how he got the “top job” next to Seb, but lets be honest the Torro Rosso is not allowing any driver to show what they can really do, but I would like to see Daniel more agressive in races, which he now has no choice but to do.

    People look at the fact he and JEV are RBR driver programs ‘under studies’, and they are. But really when Dan became a part of the program he may have been, lets say, 1 of 30 they could see talent and potential with. As time goes on others drop off the radar and they narrow their list of ‘could be’s’.

    Lets face if, there are some drivers on the grid there for there cash, so instead of having the top 22 in the world we have the top 10 then the next best backed 12 in the top 100 (cynical view i know, but true). Daniel Ricciardo is not one of these, he has true talent, is fast, apparently gives great technical feedback to engineers and is the real deal- at least I hope!!

    I think he will be very close to Seb on Quali but needs some work on his race craft and I think will do just fine!! Go Aussie go!!!!!

    Loup Garou

    IMO, Ricciardo is good but has no makings of a ‘top’ driver. He certainly is not as good as Webber whom he’ll be replacing. Over his career he might notch-up a few podiums and if he is very, very lucky, a win or two. That’s about it.


    @Loup Garou
    Top drivers do take some time to blossom my mate, so dont count him out just yet. Senna debuted in 84 but took until 88 to win, and he IMHO was the best ever. Seb, our new 4th entry to 4 x WDC took a few year- I think Martin Brundle said Seb took his 4th title at 26, yet Prost, The Shu and Fangio all had not won a RACE at that age.!! I am not sure if I got this stat wrong, but if correct that is just amazing (and I say this as a Webber fan!! :)

    So really for a long time Lewis is really the only champ straight out of the bag, and really has been a bit dissapointing since.

    Also its WAY too early to compare Dan to Mark at this stage, thats a bit unfair. Remember Mark was a ‘no-one’ like Jenson was for some time. A former team manager who “took a break” from the sport – for some reason- called Button a “Taxi Driver” just before 2009 when he took his title !!

    Time will tell :)


    @ Garns
    Great drivers are evident from the start. Schumacher won his first race at 23, in ’91(first full year), Senna won his first race in 85(second year) Prost in 81 (second year) and so on.


    He doesn’t need to be a ‘great’ driver though, he just needs to compare with Mark Webber (who Red Bull have been happy with). I think he’ll be fine, although how he’s percieved will depend a lot on how good next year’s Red Bull is. If it’s as good as it has been the last four years then I think he’ll probably pick up some wins and come in behind Vettel the rest of the time, which is all he needs to do.


    I don’t know how any driver can prove themselves at Red Bull against Vettel. The car is without a doubt designed to suit Vettel’s driving style and Red Bull’s goal is to put Vettel in P1 in every race.

    If Ricciardo scores half of Vettel’s points next year and beats Vettel in one race, he should consider himself very lucky.



    Red Bull’s goal is to put Vettel in P1 in every race.

    Then why did they order multi-21 in Malaysia?

    Lucas Wilson


    They weren’t taking their tablets :-)

    Tyler Ferre

    Even though Daniel has proved to be consistent, I don’t think he’s done any better than Jean Eric in general. Even though he has done very well in qualifying at quite a few tracks, he hasn’t proved himself in the races which are where the points are awarded. I think they had to sign one of the Toro Rosso guys because the whole point of the team in the first place was to develop drivers before off loading them to Red Bull, just like Sebastian. He didn’t particularly prove himself either though he did get pole and win at the Italian Grand Prix in 2008. Daniel certainly won’t beat Sebastian but could be a key factor in their fifth Constructors next season if they’re reliable again which with Adrian, I’m sure they will.

    Max Jacobson

    No, the car isn’t designed around Sebastian: Sebastian has moulded to the demands of the car. As Brundle has said, if you drive the Red Bull correctly it will reward you handsomely, and Vettel has been driving it perfectly. Webber hasn’t.


    Half the battle in the race has been in qualifying over the last few years… Mercedes were qualifying well earlier this season which put red bull under a lot more pressure through the races. Red bull get poles back and they’re on easy street again.

    So long as Red Bull have good Qualifiers, they’ll generate good race results, and Dan’s quali record speaks for itself.

    I hope I’m right!

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