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    Andre Furtado

    I think we all agree most of the last 4 races of F1 has been pretty boring, with few exceptions, not to dwell on that point, I can see why they want to change it so it’s a bit more exciting and maybe it will entice competition until the last race.
    My solution is the following, every race will be worth 1 extra point, that way every race of the year is worth something, and then farther along it goes the more points one can make. The goal is here to
    reward consistency, so to win the championship one must continue to win races.

    Screenshot of the 2013 points table below vs my suggestion.



    The only problem is that it benefits the drivers that get a good result. Say Maldonado finished 10th in Brazil instead of Hungary, he would have had 21 points. But if he finished 10th in Australia, that would mean that he would get 2 points.

    Valtteri Bottas finished 8th in the United States Grand Prix and scored 4 points. In the Japanese Grand Prix, Esteban Gutierrez finished 7th and scored 6 points. But using your points system, Bottas would score 22 points and Gutierrez would score 21 even though Gutierrez finished in 7th and Bottas finished 8th. It rewards people that score points later in the season. The FIA should just get rid of the double points thing anyway.

    Andre Furtado

    I agree with your point @thetobs I was merely suggesting a better solution than just one race with double points. My issue with F1 is that about half way everyone who won’t meet their targets just gives up, but I see your point, by doing anything different with the points one would then shift emphasizes from the first to the second half. but a one point increment would still reward consistency.


    Nope, hate it. I need to see a clear sporting reason for unequal points, or it is simply farcical. At least your approach applies the madness to more than a single, arbitrary race. But it is still what I said- applied madness.


    Double points – Solution: Don’t award them. Simples.


    Another solution would be to award double point at every race since they are equally important … Oh wait that wouldn’t change anything at the ranking except someone could break Vettel record for scoring the most points during a season


    The points should stay the same otherwise it’s artificial and a complete gimmick. If the FIA wants closer racing then it should look at why it isn’t close in the first place – instead of doing cheap, quick solutions which are unfair and which fans are overwhelmingly against.

    @GeeMac bang on.

    Craig Woollard

    Double points should either be awarded at every race or at none at all.


    Even Ecclestone is saying they might drop the rule:



    I think I’ve found the solution. Get me Bernie on the phone.

    Every team gets a dart board with 19 arrows. Random staff members at the factory get to throw one each. The score of any given arrow represents the percentage of points they get to keep, illustrated by the country’s flag on the flight of the dart. For instance, if a dart lands on triple 20 for Australia for Red Bull, they can keep 60% of Vettel’s and Ricciardo’s points.

    The drivers then get to request point-credits. They get 100 each and have to split them over the 19 races, serving again as a percentage of the points you can keep. For instance, Bianchi could put 100 credits on Australia, while Vettel would put the majority of his credits on the final 10 races.

    Then, Pirelli gets to award points to the team that complains least about their tyres, while the fuel suppliers get to award points for fuel economy.

    If we haven’t completely lost the understanding of casual viewers then, we should introduce a reduction of points for every pitstop made, in like brackets. 4 pitstops gives you 1/4th of your points, making 1 gives you all of them.

    Meanwhile, we make the British GP a half-points round just to mess with the BRDC. We haven’t had weird talk about Silverstone from Bernie for a while.

    I’m confident the Strategy group will agree this is the best way to lose any casual viewer’s understanding of the sport’s point system.




    @npf1 I believe this sorts everything out rather well.


    @npf1 That’s the sort of thinking that’ll put you in line for the FIA presidency! ;)


    @npf1 I’m sure this scoring system would hook up both casual fans and hardcore fans to the edges of their seats for all the grands prix of each season and at each race weekend as well as during the intervening periods everyone will busy calculating by permutations & combinations what will be the standings after a race and so on.. :P

    Omar R

    somebody suggested “wildcard mode” for double points, and it had to be decided before FP1, as a risk being taken. Let’s say Sauber sees improvement in Hungary, so they choose their points (both for team and their drivers) will be doubled for the next one (Spa), and if they can thrive with it, good. If they mess it up and have a double DNF, well that’s their only chance during all the season. This was not my idea, but really I can’t remember who said it first in the forum.

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