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    Its an age old debate I know how to freshen up F1 for the better, no matter what I hear I still get most excited at the prospect of some of the big names from the Automotive industry being brave (daft) and dipping their foot in the F1 pond.

    If I had to choose, my dream new teams/constructors would be a Porsche (rather than a VW or Audi badge team) and Aston Martin

    Never gonna happen mind!!


    I definitely second the idea of Porsche entering – I’d love to see them buy Force India and be reunited with Nico Hulkenberg and then have Sergio Perez in a team with abundant resources. As you say, never gonna happen, but it’d be fantastic!


    Ferrari Scuderia
    Mercedes GP
    McLaren Honda
    Red Bull Tag Heuer
    Renaultsport F1
    Haas F1
    Manor Mercedes
    Williams Ford Racing (US backing)
    BMW Sauber Motorsport (loved this partnership)
    Aston Martin Racing (used to be Force India)
    Alfa Romeo Scuderia (used to be Toro Rosso)
    Team VW (either Lamborghini or Porsche)
    Koenigsegg F1

    26 cars, on 35 tracks
    Melbourne, Adelaide, Suzuka, Sepang, Singapore, Yeongnam, Shanghai, Buddh, Dubai Autodrome, Sakhir, Sochi, Istanbul, Kyalami, Hungaroring, Red Bull Ring, Hockenheim, Nurburgring, Imola, Monza, Spa, Zandvoort, Le Mans, Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Catalunya, Monaco, Portimao, Sao Paulo, Argentina, Mexico, Montreal, Austin, NY/NJ, Long Beach, Indianapolis. That would be perfection in my eyes!
    Tracks would double up so Brands Hatch and Silverstone go back to back, as would Imola and Monza, Melbourne and Adelaide, Suzuka and Yeongnam, Shanghai and Buddh, Sakhir and Dubai, Singapore and Sepang, Istanbul and Sochi, Hungaroring and Red Bull Ring, Nurburgring and Hockenheim, Le Mans and Monaco, Spa and Zandvoort, Catalunya and Portimao, Argentina and Sao Paulo, Indy and Long Beach, Austin and Mexico, Montreal and NY/NJ. Kyalami is very far from everything so they’d probably have to go alone.

    Trust me, it’ll work!


    Minardi-Lamborghini, or Team Alfa Romeo would be nice (replacing STR)
    BMW-Sauber, Penske

    also: Porsche, Ford-Cosworth as PU manufacturers


    I’d love for Porsche to enter but I prefer them to stay at Le Mans to be honest.


    I agree. I would love to see a Porsche F1 team but to me they will always be a sportscar manufacturer, and Le Mans is the place for them. If anything I’d love to see Ferrari join the WEC as well, and Red Bull Racing. But this is a thread about other teams entering F1 so I would say:

    Prodrive Aston Martin

    Prodrive is such a great name in motorsport and I think having the Aston Martin brand in F1 would be a huge win for all concerned. Aston Martin have ties with brands like Tag Heure and Gulf, and the image of these companies seems to synergise perfectly with F1’s current brand image. What could be more evocative than an Aston Martin F1 car racing at Monaco? My only concern is that they have no real experience of this level and might struggle to put together all the pieces needed for a sucessful team

    Cosworth Ford Racing

    Ford’s last forray into F1 was a relatively disappoiting affair, even with the great Jackie Stewart at the helm. But things have changed since then, and a well funded tie-up between Ford and Cosworth would be a formidable outfit with true racing heritage in F1. The new Ford GT racing at Le Mans this year is certainly a big statement about Ford’s ambitions toward racing at the sharp end.

    Audi Sport Team Joest

    There are very few racing teams in the world currently who would be capable of racing at the very front in F1. Arguably, that number is lower than the number of teams currently competing in F1. But of all the racing teams in all the world, the one which seems most likely to be equal to the task is Audi Sport Team Joest. They have all the funding, expertise, and critically leadership in the shape of Dr Wolfgang Ullrich. It would also see the return of one of the oldest manufacturers in GP racing, harking back to the days when Auto Union and Daimler Benz fought tooth and nail for pre-war glory. Alas though, as with Porsche, F1’s gain would be WEC’s loss. As a sportscar fan to the core, that’s too bitter a pill for me to swallow

    One out of left field here, but this is surely the inevitable direction in which we are headed. How long will it be before we see the end of the internal combusion engine at the top level of motorsport? Ten years, twenty? The writing is on the wall. And as the oil age draws inexorably towards its terminus, the opportunity arises for new and interesting manufacturers to innovate and lead motorsport forwards into a new age. While some will inevitably lament the loss of the noise and the smells of petrol-powered propulsion, personally I’m excited to see what the true future of F1 looks like.

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