Driver of the Weekend: Keep or drop?

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    With the FIA announcing it will run a ‘Driver of the Day’ poll during each race, I wanted to hear your views on whether to keep the ‘Driver of the Weekend’ poll which I have run on the website for the past few years.

    I’ve given it some thought and plan to continue with it for the time being. However I’d like to get your opinions for or against first.

    As a reminder, here’s a recent article showing who you voted for in all of the last five years, and who was the top driver of all:



    I’d say keep it. The whole weekend is weighted when voting here, whereas “Driver of the Day” sounds like it’s gonna be solely based on race-day results.

    And people on this site can actually review things from an un-biased point of view (or I mean not everyone, but at least majority of the users can). I fear Driver of the Day will be won by whoever is the most popular driver at that time, with racing having nothing to do with it.

    Carlos Santos

    Keep it!

    As HUHHII stated “I fear Driver of the Day will be won by whoever is the most popular driver at that time, with racing having nothing to do with it.”

    Maybe we’ll draw some conclusions by comparing the two polls.


    As Kimi is going to sweep all the Driver of the Day awards worldwide for being Kimi, let’s keep it for a mostly objective/unbiased poll.


    You should definitely keep it Keith, it will be interesting to see the comparison between our choices and the general public. It also gives us an opportunity to discuss drivers’ performances between ourselves.


    Keep it.
    One thing is having the poll, but I think the most interesting thing about DOTW is the comment section. I am sure a lot of people on here will still want to say a thing or two, beyond just casting a vote.
    Also comparing DOTW with FIA’s DOTD results could make for a pretty interesting end of the year feature.


    I echo everyone else. Keep.


    I would keep it, it will be interesting to compare and at worse it provides a place for discussion.


    Keep it, but maybe their can be a few changes. There could be three choices for a person, a no 1, no 2 and no 3 choices, with no 1 being 3 points, with no 2 being 2 points etc.


    On that subject I’ve often thought it would be good if we could rate every driver out of 10. It would be more accurate than trying to rank them in order when so many are even.
    That could be done every race or at the end of the season.

    Fer no.65

    Heck no, don’t ditch it! I love the discussions between F1Fanatic members. Driver of the Day is probably going to be via Twitter and that sucks.

    The good thing about the Driver of the Weekend here is that we get to see why we think someone deserves the award. We comment about it together and we end up with a conclusion in the poll, taking into consideration, not just the race, but the overall weekend. Plus, Keith, you sum up eveyr driver’s performance and that makes a great comparision during the season.

    F1F’s Driver of the Weekend > Anything else.


    Keep it, the driver of the day award will probably be awarded on the basis of social media and that means a teenybopper popularity contest not a driving-effort contest.


    You should keep it, there is no doubt about it. Firstly, we have a driver of the weekend poll, which is a slightly different and probably better concept. Secondly, we can look at a lot of data and analyse the performance of every driver before voting. Thirdly, F1 Fanatic generally tends to be much more sensible than F1 when doing something so we should keep doing this to be able to use it as a case in point (“Watch and learn!”) :)


    As others mention, I think I would keep it around at least for the coming season. First of all, we do not know how the FIA voting will work (FIA website with free voting, FOM login vote/app vote, TV subscribers voting etc), how much it will be a popularity contest.

    But more importantly, it might actually help turn the driver of the weekend into more of what it says: The driver that did a good job all weekend. A bit of a “more informed opinion”, because with the driver who messed up on Saturday but working his way up on Sunday winning the FIA vote, we might get a more balanced view on the whole weekend vote.


    Keep it, and demand compensation from the FIA for nicking your idea :)

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