Driver of the Weekend: Keep or drop?

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    Keep it !!

    However there should be a price linked to it; how about a 5 places grid bump for the next race? surely if its a top driver it wont change much but for a midfield driver would be a great boost (plus more chances of surprises the next race).

    Zane Jakobs

    Keep it! I love the DOTW poll, and the DOTD award from FOM will only strengthen it, because it will let us see how our views differ from the general formula-one watching public. Also, it will see if F1F readers generally prefer selecting one team or driver compared to the public.


    If Haryanto wins DOTD regularly, it won’t last long. And he will if Will Buxton is to be believed.


    I’m afraid the less knowledgable F1 fan will always vote for his favourite, a thing we already see on this site… But it will be interesting to compare indeed.


    It has be stay. As everyone else has said, you run a driver of the weekend poll which distinguishes it from FOM’s poll and we generally all put a lot more thought into it that the people who will be voting on social media during/following a race.

    And as others have said, if it turns into a popularity contest with the likes of Raikkonen or Haryanto winning consistently regardless of their performance FOM will probably drop it.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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