DRS has killed my love of F1 and now I’m saying goodbye

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    Great post here. I actually got a feeling of sadness watching the Indian GP, it was the first time ever that I really really just lost interest halfway through the race. I turned it off and went outside (have never even considered doing that before). Not because of Vettel, he is a champion for sure, I just got like a empty feeling inside towards it. The thrill is gone. I first started watching full time in the mid 80’s, my family were regulars at Watkins Glen starting in the 60’s and it is in our blood. Previously I too had been watching practice, quali, build up, race, post, and forum up until mid last year. There was nothing greater than knowing I had like 8 hours of F1 coverage to look forward to over a weekend! Bring on next season and lets keep our fingers crossed.

    sbl on tour

    great thread, ive been following f1 since 1973, my first race I went to was Brands Hatch in 74, the last , Italy this year, I do not plan on attending a race next year. The atmosphere in Monza was great and we all really enjoyed the weekend but quite frankly the race was rubbish.
    Ill not see abu or us gps as I dont have sky, but as red bull will no doubt win both of these i,m not really too bothered
    Not having SKY doesnt help!


    There are certain elements of F1 (that have nothing to do with Vettel or Red Bull) that make me understand why people would lose interest. I don’t like DRS or the emphasis on tyres to produce great races. The “show” should come from the drivers, cars, tracks and engineers. The FIA for some reason don’t get this, and encourage poor old Pirelli, who take a lot of flack, to make deliberately rubbish tyres. The tyres should be designed to be as grippy or long-lasting as possible. Bridgestone had it right in 2010- all that needed to change were the “use both compound”/”mandatory pitstop” and maybe the “start on qualifying tyre” rules.

    The DRS needs to go as well. Higher number of passes =/= better racing. It’s like getting a 5-5 football match because the two teams let each other walk the ball in 10 times.


    @Hairs I think you have a point. I don’t like DRS but I don’t think it’s the main problem either. If there were less DRS zones and tracks such as Circuit Gilles Villeneuve didn’t have any at all, then I’d probably even say it’s a good thing.

    Predictability is the main thing that lowers my interest in F1 and unfortunately lack of an appropriate RRA, the new Strategy Group and customer cars won’t improve matters.


    F1 has been much more predictable in the past, actually these past years have been some of the most unpredictable ever.
    But that comes with the sport. Some years competition goes right to the last race, some years it doesn’t.


    Pretty much agree 100% with the original post, sadly.

    Although I’m far from a fan of it, DRS has not been the tipping point for me as much as the Sky problem mentioned. I hate that they are here, I hate the mixed rights set up, I hate their coverage and style, I hate the amount of talent they took from the BBC which has greatly weakened the BBC offering, and most importantly I hate highlight weeks of the race itself the BC are left with which are barely watchable. If they were showing full races but delayed (as someone that can’t always watch live due to work anyway) then I could probably live with it, but I’ve given up trying to follow what is really going on as the midfield bounces around from 5th to 12th to 9th seemingly at random without any explanation. It is edited for the podium story only and as someone who has previously considered themselves a bit more than a casual fan that really is not good enough.

    This year I wasn’t half as excited for the start of the season as I ever remember previously, I’ve watched at least some of every race I think, but have found myself flicking through or my mind wandering to other things many many times. This would have been totally inconceivable before now.

    The bottom line is I will probably always enjoy a good F1 race (or any motor race for that matter) and so will continue to watch and follow it to some extent, but there are lots of things that need to change for me to get any passion for it again. A lot of things that have been done I can’t see being undone any time soon and I can only hope that the sport and the coverage find their way back on track at some point, in the mean time I’m really going to struggle to care.

    John H

    Great reading all the replies. Lots of shared feelings it seems.

    In the end I missed the US but watched just the BBC highlights for Brazil, which was ok because it wad interlagos of course. I have to admit, I’ve drifted back to reading the odd f1fanatic article too… how could I possibly not??!!

    Really hoping 2014 will be a good one.


    Ahhhhhh, the Trulli Train. What a bunch of good memories. The irony during these trains, is that, in that moment, is when drivers would demonstrate their abilities to overtake. Certainly the DRS or “Push to Pass” button, has killed the art of overtaking or defending a position (although, there are a lot more variables involved, but the most evident I think is the freakin’ DRS).

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