Each driver's worst crash

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    There are 20 drivers on the current grid – let’s try and remember (or think of) the most serious crash each of them has had in their career.

    I’ll start with:
    Felipe Massa – Hungary 2009, hitting a spring at high speed and being seriously injured.
    Sergio Perez – Monaco 2011, crashing at the chicane, which resulted in a concussion. He missed the following day’s race and the next one, and later admitted he should’ve taken more time to recover.

    And the rest?


    Fernando Alonso – Brazil 2003. Crashed into debris left there by Mark Webber’s crash. Fernando’s crash ended the race, which had him miss the podium.
    Kimi Raikkonen – Europe 2005. Flat spotted his tyre, kept going and had his suspension break on the final lap. Cost him a lot of points which enabled Alonso to ease to his maiden championship more so than had Raikkonen won this race. He nearly took out Jenson Button as well, closer than Hulkenberg came to taking out Bottas last Sunday.


    @npf1 While dramatic, surely the Nurburgring crash wasn’t as bad as Silverstone last year, or Monza 2007?


    Jenson button had a very similar crash to perez in 2003.

    Alonso was lucky in the spa crash as were a few others.

    Keith Collantine

    Sebastian Vettel: Spa-Francorchamps 2006, Formula Renault 3.5. Almost severed a finger.


    Hamilton at Germany ’07:

    Rosberg ’08, at the track he is now a 3 time winner:

    Iestyn Davies

    @keithcollantine And thus an iconic (or infuriating, depending on your point of view!) celebration was born. Who was the next car that hit his debris? There’s a tyre that flies off at quite a speed after the car has collected it (suspiciously near to the cockpit area), that really could have been a bad accident for the following driver.

    If Merhi hasn’t had a bigger crash – 2015 FR3.5 Austria with Latifi.. who I am now noticing gets in quite a lot of incidents. Grosjean’s biggest might be Spa 2012? Maldonado.. Monaco in FR3.5? There’s a lot to go through..

    Iestyn Davies

    Max Verstappen – Monaco 2015

    I’ll be amazed if he’s had a bigger crash than this in his career so far.

    Plus, pre-testing ban there may be big crashes for some drivers we are unaware of.

    Craig Woollard

    When it comes to Maldonado, it has to be this surely?

    Keith Collantine

    @david-a I would say this crash for Rosberg was worse – brake disc failure leading to a very sudden deceleration to a stop:

    This was in this article a while back:

    Nico Rosberg’s Route to F1


    Rosberg – Abu Dhabi 2012 when he flew over Karthikeyan’s head.
    Raikkonen – I would go with Suzuka 2001, that was a big big impact.

    Can’t remember very scary crashes in F1 for Vettel, Ricciardo, Hulk though.


    Alonso in pre-season testing this year, and Hamilton at the same spot in ’11?


    This is the worst (that I can think of) for Ricciardo. Formula Renault 3.5, Silverstone 2010.



    I don’t remember a huge crash for Vettel in Formula 1. It’s actually something that’s come to my attention before. It’d be nice if he never has such an accident.

    This incident happened at Spa and I’ve heard he either broke or almost severed his finger during the crash. And you guessed it right, it was “that” finger! I always wondered if “the finger” has something to do with this accident.

    There is another guy spinning before him. He’s the second one, with Red Bull colors:

    Keith Collantine

    @erinha Snap!

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