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    I know we had a thread like this and everyone’s probably explained already but for new members…

    My Avatar is me (Olivier Panis is next to me in this pic actually but he’s been cut out haha!) And I have some support banners, Toro Rosso’s logo, my favourite team. Vettel’s logo and Hamilton’s helmet, my favourite drivers.


    A Renault onboard from Sepang. Nothing special really, I just like their onboard.


    Mines a beach shot on what looks like a tropical island, because I wish I was there.


    Have to say I like the way Kubica looks in the Renault car from the onboard camera, works well as an avatar.

    Mine is pretty simple, I’m an Alonso fan and I love his post victory celebrations on top of the car.


    well mine fits my name, ever since the simpson episode where Homer calls Bart “ratboy” keith has called me it since, its simple but fits.

    Ned Flanders

    Haha I love that episode!

    ‘Ratboy? I resent that’

    ‘Bart, stop gnawing on the wall’

    No prizes for guessing mine has a Simpsons theme too. At the moment it’s the devil Flanders, taken from one of the old Halloween specials, but I have others. One is a screenshot of him screaming, taken from the episode where he ‘kills’ his wife’s flowers! Another is of him holding a sign saying ‘BMW power’ (adapted from the Leftorium episode) based on his resemblance to Mario Thiessen!


    Mine goes everywhere with me, regardless the forum or whatever.

    Jim Bambers Lewis Hamilton model (I’m a McLaren Fan & Member), but Lewis is now Googles Android mascot (my phone is an HTC Hero running Google Android, I’m a developer geek!) … if you look closely, but you’re not able to on this forum, the rear wing sports number 46 (get well soon Vale!!) and the flag is a Washington Redskins banner.

    All mashed together using Paint.NET, ’nuff said! ;-)


    Well, I’ve got a new one since last time.

    My avatar is Prost in Senna’s slipstream. Two of the best F1 drivers, the strongest pairing ever, in the most dominant car, fighting for all they’re worth. Completelty different kinds of driver, but fighting on a level we’ll never see again.


    Mine is my Xbox live avatar. Before I shaved off the beard, that is.


    One day, in Year 9, our Maths teacher brought in three goldfish that he’d recently bought in order to give them a new home in the bowl that sat, empty, on the cupboard in the corner of the classroom. Because we were his “favourite class”, he asked us to think of names that we could Christian these three fish with.

    One of the names that was suggested – which was eventually given to the largest goldfish – was ‘The Magnificent Geoffrey’.


    Mine’s pretty self explanatory, found it accidentally while looking for something else! Its the London Underground logo with Formula 1 as the station name.. :)


    It is Senna…


    LOL well those of you familiar with /B/ you’d know of PedoBear… I think I’ll stop right there…


    My avatar is of Michael Schumacher karting probably in the year 00-01.


    You all have most likely sussed out mine by now, you’re a smart bunch. But for those who haven’t…..

    the blue is meant to represent a box, with the word “thinking” around it…..

    a graphical representation of the phrase “thinking outside the box”.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 453 total)
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