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    Hi guys. Just wondering, does anyone here use the Android live timing app by Soft Pauer. What do you have to say about it?

    I downloaded it and it’s freaking atrocious. And it’s by far the most expensive app I’ve gotten on my tablet.


    I download the free one as I don’t have Sky. Having previously download the £19.99 version for iPod and realising it was rubbish that was the reason I downloaded the ‘free’ version. But the free version was very un-responisve and the ‘full’ app with 90% of the features disabled. Both apps I feel are shockingly rubbish!


    I downloaded the Android “free” app and it is just a demo of the full app. £19.99 is a shocking price for something that used to cost much less. Can’t we find the APK and sideload it?


    I have always bought the full Soft Pauer app for my iPad. In terms of bang for your buck – it’s somewhat rubbish. But other than that it’s a good app for me. Stable; you can see the tyres (though I learnt today they can be wrong!) and generally good.


    I had the free app last year which I downloaded so I could keep track of positions and times when not at my pc. This app was basic but thats all you needed to keep an eye on times and what was happening away from the pictures on the tv feed.

    I downloaded the free app, but to say that its basic is an understatement! From what I could tell it offers no functionality whatsoever and is simply a demo for the paid app.

    Not having Sky this year I decided to get the paid for app as I’ll be listening to half the sessions on the radio and I thought having the app would give me a better understanding of whats happening.

    The app itself I think is fine. It gives you the timing like last year, with a few different displays available if you want. The app shows messages from the race director, which I find useful, and the circuit map with the driver tracker is well done too. (Though I think the cars positions are governed by sector times rather then their actual position using gps). The tyre info is useful too and thats not available on the the formula1.com website timing screen, though it is on occasion wrong. eg. it said VET and WEB started the race on P and O tyres when they were on inters.

    There are 2 things I don’t like though: firstly every time I minimise the app to look at twitter etc the app closes and has to be reopened, which can become annoying. Secondly and most importantly the app is very expensive. Thats especially annoying as most of the data is freely available on the formula 1 website. I don’t mind paying for an app but £19:99 is very expensive and I’m not sure its worth that much. I think £4.99 would be acceptable considering its advert free and is very slickly put together.

    I eventually justified it to myself my thinking of it as £0.20 a session which doesn’t sound like a lot really.


    Actually guys, I was trying hard to look for the apk before the Malaysian race, but couldn’t find it. I could only find v4.42 which is older so it didn’t work during the race.

    Now though, I have managed to get it. The latest version is v4.43. I think that’s the great part about Android – we can sideload these kinds of app. I just hope if you find the app worthy buy the full thing from Google Play!

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?diz97c17r6yjfa8

    Ren Ego

    This free app I used last year is still working & still FREE
    Market Link


    What Ren Ego said…that app (F1 Live Stream) does just what the live timing app we all used last year does, so should be the app of choice of most people. Only annoying thing is it doesn’t display too well on tablets yet.

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