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    I have a great new idea! I need 12 people to represent the formula one teams (including haas). Each team has a budget based on it’s real life money (i’ll post it if any one is interested in the idea). There are around 75 drivers in the pot and each team has to get two race drivers, a reserve driver and a development driver. There will be a pot of staff aswell and each team should chose a team principal and a designer. The way you bid is simple like a real auction. Each person has to move the bid up by at least 100k. The idea is that we will see who has made the best team with there resources. Once I have 12 confirmed participants I will make a date when we can play.

    If you want to be part of this get in contact with me and give me a public message. Or, you can email at kavinkannans@gmail.com

    Thanks for reading!!!!!

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